Words by Alyssa Stevenson/Images by Wesley Kirk 


Down the street and around the corner is our favorite local flower shop, Flowergarden. Over the years we've spent many a Saturday morning sipping on coffee and strolling down the street for a bunch of fresh cut flowers to spruce up our space. Over the last couple of years Flowergarden owner Cindy Simmons has started carrying not only our favorite arrangements, but also the kinds of coveted gifts and stationary we previously could only find outside of city limits. Read on to find out what lies in store for them as we approach the most floral holiday of all, Valentines Day. 


WDDI: Cindy, how did you wind up in Denton? What do you love most about it? 

Cindy Simmons: I was raised in Denton and attended schools here. I graduated from UNT (back then it was called North Texas State University) in 1980 and stayed here! Of course my favorite things about Denton have changed with the times, but what I love now is the downtown revitalization, and the sense of community that is occurring.  There is still a quaint town feel - but it also has a trendy and hip vibe that rocks. One of my favorite things about Denton is that our city is somewhat smaller in size with plenty to offer. I enjoy the locally owned restaurants because I love dining with family and friends.  When I have a little time off the square is where you’ll usually find me, alongside my daughter and three year old granddaughter.

How did Flowergarden get its start? 

Flowergarden has been in Denton a really, really long time.  It was originally in a house on Scripture Street, then moved to Elm Street, and then Locust Street where it resides now. I bought the shop 4 years ago and have enjoyed transforming it into a unique floral and gift boutique that allows me to do what I love every day.

What is your favorite flower and why?   

Oh my, I don’t think I can nail it down to one!  Let’s just say that it changes with the seasons. When a certain flower comes in season and I haven’t seen it for a while - then that’s my favorite!

What do you love about being a flower shop owner?  

I love the opportunity to create with something so beautiful and varied, with so much potential to affect someone. Having an interior design degree, I also thoroughly enjoy merchandising and offering our customers an eclectic mix of gifts as well.  

What gift do you carry that you secretly wish would wind up in your home?

I’ve thought about taking one of every Rifle Paper Co. product that we carry! I love that line!     


We are coming up on Valentine's Day. What is the most popular floral arrangement being ordered? 

Probably still the red roses - however, the designer’s choice mixed arrangement is a close second in our shop!

What is it like working the Valentine's day rush?  

It’s exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time! The best thing is that we get to help make a lot of people happy with a product we love and completely believe in as a perfect gift.  The worst thing is knowing that some people may not get their flowers, or wind up with poor quality flowers, because they ordered through an “online order gatherer” and not a truly local florist.

What can we do to keep our arrangements fresh for longer?  

Keep the water clean - top it off with fresh water and better yet, replace it completely every 2 to 3 days. You can also recut the stems at least once when replacing the water. Also, keep it away from windows and heat.

Any tricks to ordering a great arrangement for Valentine’s Day?

Call your local florist - make sure they are truly local - and discuss your choices with them. Check their online reviews to see how they rate with their customers, and check their Facebook pages and website to see their custom work.  

What do you do to recover from the rush?  

There’s usually not a lot of time to recover.  We plan on being closed Sunday - so if that remains that way, I hope to rest that day.  But we will be back at it on Monday!

Flower Garden is located at 301 S. Locust, and is open from 9a-5:30p Monday - Friday and 10a-2p on Saturdays. 

Find out what they're up to on their Facebook page or stop by and grab a bunch!