Ya'll remember when Valentine's Day was all about exchanging individually wrapped candy and agonizing over which perforated superhero themed card to stash in your secret crush's cubby? Us too. If you're still agonizing over what to get your crush, significant other, or significant person at this very time for Valentine's Day, we've got a list to help you out. Read on to find the best gifts in town that will help you hopefully express how you feel. 

The DIME store always has an amazing selection of locally crafted handmade goods. Unsure about anything 'crafty'? Take one look at those pearl earrings from Archer and Hare and all of your visions of hot glue guns and crochet will fade away. Bonus: this year the DIME Store has taken the guess work out of it all for you and has His + Hers gift bundles that you can pre-order from their website for pick up. 

Stuck in traffic between Lillian Miller and 288? Afraid you won't be able to handle the traffic downtown? Many of your DIME Store and Community Market vendors will be setting up shop for the day at the Sweetheart Market at Golden Triangle Mall. Check out the local selection before committing to that fuzzy pillow with arms from Marshalls. 

Every year we post about the Tuba Valentines from UNT - because they are so freakin' awesome. Every year one of our writers hopes that tubas show up to serenade her. Her fingers will be crossed until tubas happen. 

Are interactive dates are more your scene? Authentic Yoga Life is hosting a Thai Massage Bliss workshop where you and your partner can learn the ancient art of healing touch. 

If you're with a book-a-holic, then you can't go wrong with a little swag from Recycled Books. Their classic totes are totes awesome and perfect for toting all of those books they keep carting home. Grab a classic jazz record and a book of poems by Pablo Neruda while you're there and you're set. 

Our friends Flowergarden, Bell and Oak, and West Oak Coffee, Pastrana Studio and other local makers will be hawkin' their wares over at the Evers Valentine's Day Market with Norman Roscoe. Stop by and check out locally made goods and well curated gifts for something to please the most discerning of gift receivers. 

With professional creepsters running around like Roosh V. and the ROK nincompoops, never let your loved one feel unsafe again. Denton Police Department offers a Rape Aggression Defense workshop so that women can learn how to protect themselves in case of unwanted physical aggressors. This may not sound like the sexiest gift, but delivered with roses and it may be one of the most loving. 

Not wanting to join the throngs of teenagers making out at the Cinemark? Venture outside of Little D and hit up the Murchison for a free performance of "Women's Voices: A Feminist Celebration" by the UNT Opera, or the Faculty Dance Concert in the RTVF center featuring new choreography for $10. 

If dressing up isn't your thing but dance parties are - Dan's Silverleaf is hosting Jay B and the Zydeco Posse for a Valentine's Day dance party. Grab your date some cajun grub from Hoochie's, order a couple of beers at the bar and have yourself a zydeco-tastic good time! 

Whatever you do, make your plans fast! Valentine's Day is less than a week away!