WeDentonDOIt and DC9 Present: Lemonade

From DC9

"This time last week, we posted WeDentonDoIt's piece on Delorean, who performed at Hailey's Club a few weekends ago. And now they've passed along a piece featuring Brooklyn's Lemonade, the dance pop act that opened the show.

Judging by the following video, you would think that Lemonade is still trying to figure out exactly who they are. But listening to their music, you get the feeling that they've taken an odd assortment of dance and world music influences and put them to tape in a concise, refreshing way. And, as was seen at Hailey's, it goes over really well in a live setting--that is, if they can keep the soundsystem from blowing."

Lemonade - Interview from WeDentonDoIt on Vimeo.