Regenrus Aims to Create a Mindful Marketplace

Danielle Gaither

“Sustainability” is a common word heard about business practices these days, but what if a business could move beyond sustainability and actually be a regenerative force for the community? Newly-founded local B Corp Regenrus aims to do just that and will be hosting a soft launch celebration on February 23 to kick off the company and connect with the community.

For many years people have considered how the products they make and buy affect the world around them. The idea of making products with minimal environmental impact is decades old. In more recent years, similar consideration has expanded to other related areas. How does a company treat its workers? What kinds of causes does the company contribute to, if any? The answers to these questions are important because many people use those answers to form their perception of a company’s values, and people often prefer to buy from companies whose values they believe align with their own.



The most recent frontier of concern is how a company’s supply chain is handled. A November 2017 Vox article is just one of many raising concerns about the environmental impact of low-cost convenience.

Regenrus intends to offer a carefully curated selection of high-quality products from companies that have shown a commitment to regenerative practices. The products should be free from harmful additives, and the manufacturers are vetted for social responsibility. Affiliates who offer their products in the Mindful Marketplace have the option of earmarking a portion of their earnings for a variety of causes related to people, animals, and the planet.

All these concerns align with Regenrus’s decision to obtain B Corp certification. A company seeking certification has to demonstrate accountability and transparency, as well as meet rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility. Some of the factors in this evaluation include diversity of the company’s workforce, how many jobs the company creates, and how well the company integrates with its local community. The B Corp certification is similar to the Fair Trade certification you might have seen on some products, which indicates that the company treats its workers fairly.

In addition to providing a platform for socially conscious entrepreneurs, Regenrus also has its own signature product, REGEN. REGEN uses plant-based extracts to create a liquid supplement that can support a holistic approach to wellness. The formulation of REGEN is based on cutting-edge research that takes into account how nutrients are absorbed by the body. The design and production of REGEN aligns with the values that Regenrus promotes.

Regenrus’s soft launch celebration will be held Friday, February 23, at The Chestnut Tree, 107 West Hickory Street. For more details and to RSVP, visit the event’s Facebook page.