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Do you want to expand your gaming collection to something other than Cards Against Humanity and Pokémon Go but don’t know how? Well, sweet friends, you’re welcome, because I have compiled a list of damn near every gaming store in town as well as organized them into categories of where certain games can be found and played. I originally thought this overview would be a breeze (I mean, how big can Denton’s gaming scene really be?) but the more research I did the more I realized that Denton is overflowing with incredible, nerdy gaming energy and I simply feel like it is my civic duty to give you all the 411 on how kickass Denton’s gaming scene really is.



If when you picture board games all you imagine is Monopoly and Chutes & Ladders, I hate to tell you but you’re doing it wrong.  Visit the board game mecca that is More Fun and they will hook you the F up with super fun tabletop games that you can play at home, the bar, with a large group or just a couple of friends. They also have a crap ton of comic books (duh) and supplies for role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and more.  Every time I go I have been helped by Jonathon or Sam and they are always so nice and informative! The More Fun Game Center also has multiple weekly events for Magic the Gathering, D&D and more so if you’re looking for a new group or place to play, this is a good place to start. They are very beginner friendly!


You’ve all been there and you know how great it is. But did you also know that The Great Purple Bookstore has an extensive selection of gently used graphic novels, mangas, and board games? When you enter the store, head straight down the main aisle (by the register) and take a right once you’ve passed the music section. The graphic novel and manga section will be on your left just before you walk down the small staircase. This is a good place to go if you’re new to graphic novels or if you’re simply looking to expand your collection.


Madness Comics has a graphic novel collection comparable to More Fun (maybe even more) and provides a larger collection of vintage issues. They have a small selection of board games but their main focus is on comic books and Magic the Gathering. Speaking of which, they have weekly Magic events so stop by the store and check out their schedule if you’re looking to join. They’ll will do some buys and trades but only if they’re looking for something in particular. Go ahead and give it a shot, though! Never hurts to ask.  



Freaks & Geeks is to video games and toys what More Fun is to board games and comics. They’ve converted a historic house off the square into a badass video game and toy store around. Literally every room offers gaming products from floor to ceiling and their selection does not disappoint. They have games for every console you can think of and sell retro toys and collectibles, too! They also have a massive collection of international games if you’re into that. Note: they will do buys and trades if you have some cool retro stuff lying around (“or really anything nerdy at all” as co-owner, Joey, puts it). If you want to play some arcade and console games, though, F&G has a lounge area that you can play games in, just saying.


Source Gaming Lounge is the new gaming space on Congress by Loco Cafe. Source is full of  amazing "esports" equipment and gives you access to all sorts of games that you might not have at home. They even have VR stations that you can play with after creating an account with them. Not happy using someone else's equipment? Bring your own, plug it in, and blue shell the other players there in Mario Kart.


CGX in the mall is that place that you kind of forget about until you walk by it and realize they have that one really rare Super Nintendo game you played as a kid and can’t find anywhere else. They have at least one of almost every game in existence for Super Nintendo and N64 and they have butt loads of retro consoles for sale. They also value and pride themselves on fair, equal trades so if you’re trying to make an extra buck on console games new or old, consider stopping by and put in an offer.


Holy legos, batman! They have so many legos. As the store name suggests, they do have some mini figs but they really specialize in Legos which is why I’m putting them under the toy category. They also do birthday parties and field trips so if you or someone you know likes to build with small, plastic bricks, and are celebrating something, this is the place for you. Also, they buy and trade Legos so if you’ve got some extra ones lying around, stop stepping on them in the middle of the night and sell them instead.


Yeah, you read that right. Push past the bikes and baseball bats and you’ll find a lot of gently used and vintage games, consoles, and general electronics. They buy, sell, and trade  a lot of gaming stuff so if you’ve been neglecting your GameCube for a while (I’ll let you decide how long a “while” is)  then do the humane thing and give it a better life by selling it so another, more deserving gamer can enjoy it.  


Denton’s very own barcade, this is a place where you can come to eat, drink, and game. They have loads of arcade machines to choose from with prices ranging around $1 per game. This is the one place I have yet to go but my friends tell me it’s a good time, especially if you’ve already been out to a bar or two beforehand.


This is your standard, run of the mill buy/sell/trade video game store. They have a heck of a lot of games for pretty much any game console. I’ve personally gotten a lot of Gameboy games from here as they always have a large selection.  


(General PSA: models are things you build piece by piece and then paint, mini figs are pre-built and you just paint them)


Reaper sells a ridiculous amount of mini figs, y’all. I’m talking over 3,000 once their newest edition releases. Not all are sold person but you can get them all online at anytime. The coolest thing about it is that they manufacture all of their minis right here in Denton (or technically Corinth/Lake Dallas, but whatever). They also give free tours of their production warehouse and you can bet your ass I’m touring that place real soon so keep an eye out for that. While they do have a fair collection of board games, but mini figs, paint, and store events are what they really focus on. They have weekly events for Magic, Pathfinder, D&D and more so head on over there and give it a go!


Okay, so if you’re part of the model community you already know that Games Workshop is strictly Warhammer which is a specific tabletop wargame. But even if you’re not into Warhammer or other tabletop wargames like it, you can build Warhammer models and Frankenstein them into whatever mini you want to use for Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, and other role-playing games. Brett at Games Workshop will walk you through lessons on model building, painting, and gameplay on a person by person basis (I saw some of his models and they’re really good!). I know it can be intimidating to get into, but you are not alone. Reach out to Brett and he will show you the Warhammer ways with enthusiasm and patience.

Okay, so I know that was a lot of information… But how cool is it that we live in a city that has so many gaming resources? The answer is VERY cool.

Where are your favorite places to game in Denton? Did we forget anywhere? Are there any gaming events you think we should check out? Let us know in the comments!