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Local Buzz is our new quick and easy guide to the many different breweries and distilleries both in and around Denton County. Let’s be honest: When it comes to breweries, we’re a little spoiled. Sure, we may not yet have the name recognition that a lot of those Dallas gastropubs have, but the beer scene in Denton continues to flow with cool creativity thanks to a crop of longtime dedicated Denton denizens. This spring saw the arrival of two new breweries, which means it’s past time to round up all of the local spots where you can wet your whistle and sample some of the finest brew creations in and around Denton.

Denton County Brewing Co.

It’ll be a little while longer before the Miracle on McKinney (yes, I just made that up) celebrates its one-year birthday, but you can and should celebrate early with a pale ale at longtime Denton resident Seth Morgan’s joint. Morgan’s brewery was years in the making, and it shows—his selection of craft beers shows he knows exactly what he’s doing, and we’re eager to try some of his original creations.  

Armadillo Ale Works (opening soon)

Beer fans across DFW had already been enjoying Yiannis Arestis and Bobby Mullins’ brews long before Armadillo officially opened this year, but now the UNT grads have their own location. The House hosts all of the old favorites, with new brews like the crisp Royal Champ—a “Texas-style champagne ale”—joining the ranks.

Audacity Brew House

The ‘ol favorite introduces a new favorite every month, but their mainstays still leave us satisfied every time. If you disagree, it must have been a while since you sipped their Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale, or the endlessly flavorful Black Widow Imperial Chocolate Stout.  

Whistle Post Brewing Co.

You’ve no doubt driven through Pilot Point before, but with Whistle Post in town, it’s about time you made a pit stop. In addition to delicious ales and lagers, this brewhouse-by-the-tracks also has a tireless to its railroad theme: Take, for example, the Rooster Shooter Lager or the Caboose Rider pale ale.

Rabbit Hole Brewing

Time to enter Wonderland, Alice: This Justin brewery may be a bit off the beaten path, but it’s focus on delicious, oft unheard-of brews makes it more than worth the trek. Stop by for a tour any Saturday before 4, and be sure to try their award-winning Rapture Fusion Brown Ale. Dallas Stars legend Mike Modano is a fan, and after one sip, you will be, too.

Stay tuned for more updates, news and interviews about the latest and greatest in Denton brew and food.