Words by Alyssa Stevenson, Images by Will Milne

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On any given day you can Google "BBQ in Texas" and more than 32 million results will pop up in your browser. We're barbecue people in Texas (some of us are barbeque people instead). In Denton though, we’ve got a handful of great places smoking meat with the best of 'em. In town we have a few favorites, but just on the outskirts of town, we have a new place to stop when we make the long drive between Southlake’s Trader Joe’s and home. Bumbershoot Barbecue is set up and ready to go, tucked behind Earl’s 377 and Kimzey’s Coffee at 407 and 377. Read on to see some photos and hear about our experience there earlier this week.

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Under a canopy of trees, with lights strung throughout, there are a about a dozen hand-built picnic tables with big red umbrellas. A 32-foot trailer sits proudly at the entrance, right next to a trailer with a large smoker onboard. There is cornhole set up on one side, and colorfully painted fencing going up. A young kid is painting a fence post his parents are waiting for their order to be called up. People are chowing down on chopped brisket sandwiches and drinking Cheerwine soda out of glass bottles. It is a beautiful 72 degrees and sunny. The smell from the smoker is more than inviting - it is hunger inducing. We couldn’t have asked for a better time to check out the newest addition to the restaurant group that set up LSA, Barley and Board, and Earl’s 377.

The atmosphere alone is pretty spectacular, and the food ain’t half bad either. We tried all of the meats that could come out of that smoker. (Except for the turkey… Guess we’ll have to head back.) We ordered trays of food and grabbed Topo Chico, some Shiner and the suggested Cheerwine (a cherry cola from up North) to sip on while we waited for our names to be called from the giant trailer.

Bumbershoot BBQ - Argyle, TX - We Denton Do It - 356.jpg

After a fantastic Bumbershoot waiter came bearing multiple giant trays of hot smoked meats, we sat down and tried it all. The ribs had a nice crust and slight sweetness that we very much enjoyed. Paired with the fresh apple, cabbage and jalapeno slaw, it was pretty great. The smoked half chicken had a great dry rub and was tender and juicy. A favorite at the table was the smoked hot link, especially with the great bbq baked beans, which were extremely peppery - and we couldn’t get enough of.

Bumbershoot BBQ - Argyle, TX - We Denton Do It - 370.jpg

The true showstopper was the mountainous BBQ topped "loaded" tater tots. Crispy brown tater tots were piled high with sharp cheddar cheese, chopped brisket, sliced jalapenos, and a quick drizzle of sour cream. The share-able mound of goodness was just what we needed to kick off an altogether incredible night of great food, good friends and a great place. We were left clamoring for some banana pudding or some sort of BBQ dessert, but we were probably too full to finish one anyway.

The atmosphere was what really sets Bumbershoot apart from current local smoked-meats purveyors. The outdoor setting under the trees, along with the games, and possible future stage in the corner lends itself to a great family outing that we are excited to go back and check out again. 

Head on down the road, check out what’s up with Bumbershoot, and enjoy some barbecue outdoors. 

Bumbershoot Barbecue opens today, April 5th, 2017. They will be open from 5pm until sellout. You can find Bumbershoot at 425 Highway 377, Argyle TX or follow them online at their Facebook Page or Instagram