We’ve got a heat index of 107 today. The air is almost too hot to breath at this point. Simple tasks like getting the mail and watering the struggling plants become reasons to take another shower. Yet somehow, the Community Market is packed, the patios are full in the evenings and new Rotary clubs are still getting formed. We suppose it’s true what they say, if you can’t stand the heat, get your ass out of Denton. We’ve heard Colorado is nice right now. If you can stand the heat, be relieved, there is a cool front coming our way over the weekend and maybe we’ll hit a high of only 89 on Saturday and see some rain. Summer may be over, but the future creators of our city are just getting started. Hashtag your photo’s #WDDI and show us what you’re up to.

Questions comments and DIY venue ideas may be directed at glen@wedentondoit

Thursday August 11th

Dr. Sketchy’s Denton | Bearded Monk | 7PM
Art school meets craft beer. Sign us up.

Malbec Wine Tasting! | Wine Squared | 6PM
Perfect for that first date with the person you’ve been chatting up on Bumble.

Tony Ferraro / Quantum Creep / Particular People | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 8PM
There's a band whose name is a Quantum Leap reference and that's enough reason for me to want to check this show out. Also, the return of Kaleo!

Friday August 12
27th Annual VAST Members Exhibition Opening Reception | Patterson-Appleton Arts Center | 5:30PM
This year's exhibition for members of the Visual Arts Society of Texas.

Hagen’s Denton Lamest Birthday Show Madness Show! Don’t Cha Know? What That Means? | Andy’s | 8PM | $7
Crash some dude’s bday party at Andy’s + live music. Seriously folks, choose your own adventure.

Saturday August 13
Summer of Fun! Fun! Fun! Instameet | West Oak Coffee Bar | 5PM
People love Instameets and we’ve got this one happening on around our Denton Square. Pack a raincoat and a waterproof phone case and come prepared to snap some great photos. 

One Year Anniversary *Party Extravaganza* Beard Contest | Traveling Grooming Parlor & Beard Emporium | 12PM
Suggesting this even in spite of the fact these dudes once told Will to, "Go to Supercuts." 

4th Annual "Furlesque" Show | Mable Peabody's | $7 | 9pm
This event has "animal themed acts for an animal charity" and possibly furries. 

LAST SHOW: J&J’s Old Dirty Basement Show | J&J’s | 9PM
J&J’s last Ol' Dirty Basement show ever. 

Sunday August 14

FWB & Paschall Bar Board Game Night | Paschall | 4PM

2nd Sunday Yoga Drum Jam | Audacity Brew House | 11AM - 2PM
A very crunchy event. 

Gay crumb dads tour homecoming with Slackbeat / Shiny Around The Edges / Daniel Ryan & Buallsface | Load In | 8PM
Shiny Around the Edges is playing this and they like never play. Plus, just look at those other band names.