Words by Alyssa Stevenson, Images by Will Milne 

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As temperatures rise, and the foreboding summer sun beats down, we are always on the search for ways to keep cool. Luckily for us, Denton has no shortage of great juice spots that keep us chilled out, refreshed, and ready to hit the hot summer streets. Read on to find out what fresh squeezed goodness we're sipping all summer long to keep cool. 


Juice Lab was started by a Loni Puckett, a grad student working towards a molecular biology degree. It was through her study of molecular biology that she became fascinated with the relationship between nutrient dense foods and wellness. Loni started serving fresh juice extractions at the Community Market over a year ago, and four months ago opened up a brick and mortar location on Elm Street, just south of the square. The Juice Lab menu is vast, packed with smoothies, shots, interesting fruit and veggie combos and even their own nut milks. We have been back over and over again for the Bio-Glow smoothie, but this time we tried a few fan favorites. The Strawberry Lemon-aid is a kid friendly favorite, with a natural sweetness from apples shining through tart fresh lemon and strawberry juices. The Little D'Lish was super refreshing, with plenty of cucumber coming through, and the One Love was our nutrient dense greens filled cup of goodness. We'll be back to fill our growler with their house made nut milks and to pick up a few fresh cocktail mixers. 


Next door to Shift Coffee at the Adagio, Corey Bobbit and Seth Ellis have opened up another juice centric spot, complete with multi-day cleanses available. The shop carries grab and go snacks, like a healthy chicken salad and grain bowls, but focuses on cool, fresh juices for a healthy diet. A few of our favorites were the Pear-fect, which blended pineapple, pear, mint, and cucumber for a blast of refreshment and the Rodger Rabbit, which was packed with beta carotene and a healthy kick of ginger for a spicy end note. We also enjoyed the Berry Detoxing smoothie, full of earthy beets and antioxidant rich ingredients that help reduce inflammation. 


Harvest House knows how to speak our love language apparently - cocktails disguised as healthy. Any of their fresh juices made daily in house can be turned into a cool cocktail, perfect for sipping while sitting on their back patio. We love that they even make juice blocks out of their juices so that your drink is never watered down, but stays nice and chilly. We love the Vivant paired with a floral gin, the Shinsen with a shot of vodka and the Calór with tequila. 



The coffee king of the square has one of the largest menus around, and while we grew up on their Jupiter's Nectar Latte and espresso charged milkshakes, we are happy that they added fresh squeezed juice to the menu awhile back. We love ordering the thirst-quenching 50/50 blend of orange and carrot juice, and chilling out with any of their 'blended juices'. We're pretty partial to the #4, which includes peaches, strawberries, banana and fresh orange juice. 


Local spot the Bowllery continues to serve up healthy for you dishes, so it's no surprise they have a menu full of fresh juices. The next time your order a veggie intensive "Pad Thai" try an invigorating Spring Tonic or Vitamin See. They also serve up revitalizing 'refreshers' like their own version of Ginger Ale, which combines fresh pressed apple juice, lime, ginger and sparkling water. 


This health conscious Denton staple has been whipping up juices and smoothies for years. Next time you're out for groceries, or just stopping in for their killer salad bar, and gluten free baked goodies, grab a cup full of greens or a carrot juice straight up for a swift shot of vitamins. 


While we generally think of Shift for next level coffee, specialty coffee cupping, and some of the most interesting lattes in town, their orange juice is on it's own level. It doesn't hurt that their orange juicer reminds us of playing mouse trap, or a pinball game - we love watching oranges roll through the extractor and turned into a glass full of fresh bright drinkable Vitamin C. It's also nice to have this option when you're already jittery from too much caffeine and need something to take the edge off.