Emporium Pies announced earlier this morning that they will be opening their fourth store in Denton, TX. The pie company has been a staple of Dallas’ Bishop Arts scene for the past few years and has grown to have a very faithful following. Friday morning, the company that features the slogan, “fine pies for fine folks,” announced that they would be opening a new store in Denton in the green house beside East Side bar on Oak Street that once housed Boyd Girls Vintage Market.

This announcement closely follows the news that Emporium Pies would be opening their third location in Deep Ellum (their second location is in McKinney, TX) later on this year. We hope that Denton development doesn’t curse their opening and that we will be able to sink our forks into a “Drunken Nut” pie sooner rather than later. It helps that the building in question already pretty much looks like it should be wheeling and dealing pies in abundance, doesn’t it?

For their Denton location, the popular pie shop will be offering a local special: The Mean Green Pie. This savory pie will pay homage to the University of North Texas with a filling that consists of difficult-to-find eagle meat (eagles aren’t endangered anymore, y’all) that has stewed in green food dye along with some cream cheese, pickles, and gummy birds (yeah those are a thing now, too). 

As it stands, the shop isn’t supposed to open until “Fall 2016,” but it will probably end up being something more along the lines of April, 1st 2017, April 1st, 2018, or maybe even April 1st, 2019.