Bottomless mimosas are both a blessing and a curse - especially if you're the type to not feel alcohol until the moment you stand up. We've had brunches before when that glass (or flute or whatever) just seems to never go empty. Every time you turn around your half full glass become completely full once more. And the mimosas at local fave The Chestnut Tree are even more impressive than that. The abundance of flavors makes for a different glass every refill and ability to serve yourself means that you won't feel ashamed about your mimosa-habit every time the waiter walks by and side-eyes you. Anna Ryan knows what we're talking about. The comic and artist put together this 5-panel comic strip documenting a meal with accompanying mimosas at The Chestnut Tree. She showcases what may be an all-too-familiar scene that may occur if your bottomless mimosa glass gets refilled a few too many times.  

Editor's Note: The Chestnut Tree doesn't actually serve "bottomless" mimosas. They do sell bottles of champagne with unlimited (and delicious) amounts of juice that you can add to your champagne on your own. The Chestnut Tree abides strictly to all TABC rules. 

You can check out more of Anna Ryan's work, at her website and you can get your own bottomless mimosa at The Chestnut Tree at their location on the downtown Denton Square at 107 W. Hickory.