What a week. Supermoons, beaver moons and the kids are getting restless in the face of Thanksgiving break. We all need that break. To return home and ground ourselves in our people and accidentally eat our weight in pie. This week we’ve got a great lineup ranging from Star Wars to a very serious conversation about domestic violence in our community at North Branch Library. As always, show us your greatest hits and misses by hash tagging #WDDI and if you cut the muffin, you might just be featured in our post on Monday. 

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Friday, November 18th

Midway & Nice Dudes Presents: Beer, Shirts, and Live Music with Food By Juice Lab | Midway Craft House | 8PM - 11PM
That title is a mouthful. Juice Lab and Midway House has some cool prints from Nice guys that pair well with craft beer.

L★: Leoncarlo, WoodWired Duo | Taps & Caps | 8PM - 11PM
All the pretty stringed instruments are at Taps and Caps on Friday. Taps and Caps has strangely become one of the best places to check out great local music over the past few months and this show is no different. Check out our thoughts on Leoncarlo here. Woodwired - like Leoncarlo - also feature looping of their melodies. More info on them here

Off World Live | Backyard on Bell | 9PM - 10PM
Have y’all seen that tree? They have great pizza, too. 

Saturday, November 19th

Sportsball Music Scholarship Event | East SUNide | 2PM
Support music and sports ball at this fundraiser!

Sunday, November 20th

Vegan Thanksgiving Feast | Audacity Brew House | 11 AM - 2PM
We keep hearing Vegans don't have many options in Denton, but Sunday has a supper to prove Spiral diner made the right call coming to Denton! Get you noms on!

Transgender Day of Remembrance | Downtown Square | 7PM - 9PM
UNT Pride Alliance leads a memorial for Trans allies lost this past year.

UNT HarpBeats | UNT College of Music, 415 Avenue C | 5PM - 6PM
Haaaarp beeeeeat. Haaaaarp beeeeat! We see what y’all did there. Check out songs such as Orinoco Flow, House of the Rising Sun, Cuban Dream (Ortiz) covered by harps at a school where the harpists are amazing. 

D2 on DV: How Our Community Responds to Violence Against Women | North Branch Library | 2PM - 4PM
A discussion on violence against women and girls. This is how Denton faces our challenges - head on and with community action. Speakers include representatives from Friends of the Family Services Section, Denton Police Department, and staff from the Rape Aggression Defense program. 


Tuesday, November 22nd

Nerd Nite Denton 8: It’s Time for 3.1415926 | The Bearded Monk | 8PM - 10PM
Get nerdy about pie next Tuesday with Surpies at Nerd Nite Denton 8. Nerd Nite is one of the best ongoing events in Denton right now. Check out more info on Surpies here

Star Wars Screening | The Bearded Monk | 10PM - 12AM
Well this is something. The women at Mad Maidens: Conquering Fandoms Everywhere are hosting a free, women-only screening of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope at The Bearded Monk in anticipation of the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story next month. This event happens after Nerd Nite next week.