Last nights City Council meeting will go down in history as a lesson in Robert’s Rules of Order, Democracy and citizen engagement. Whether or not you felt the smoking ban vote went your way or not, the footage will be studied by political wonks for years to come as an example of the way a city does business. It's as interesting as this weeks "top ten" list. We've got a little Arts & Jazz Fest happening this weekend and Early Voting starting on Saturday. Make democracy count and get out there, vote and hashtag your grams.

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Wednesday, April 22nd
DCYP Community Day | Seven Mile Coffee | 7:15AM
Hear about the missions of several fantastic non profit organizations.

Waxahatchee / The Goodbye Party / Mimisiku | Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios | 8PM 

Thursday, April 23rd
League Of Women Voters Forum | City Hall | 7PM | FREE
We’re on the home stretch of the “silly season” and this is one of the last forums before early voting begins this Friday.

Rodney Parker & The 50 Peso Reward / RTB2 | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 9PM | $10

Gravity Feed / Mr Molly / Lonesome Doves | Harvest House | 8PM

Friday, April 24th
EARLY VOTING BEGINS | Denton County Elections Administration | 8AM - 5PM
Voting in city elections is important. Get it done early. It takes 5 minutes. If you don’t, people who put stuff out like this will win. Go vote.

Denton Art’s & Jazz Fest | Quakertown Park | 5PM
Our greatest festive treasure takes over this weekend. Don’t bother trying to park or cross that dang bridge and get ready for a rundown of how to survive future rests next week.

Saturday, April 25th
Doug Burr / Daniel Markham / Dim Locator | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 8PM 
Burr’s bloodiest record to date is three years in the making and making it’s live debut this Friday. Might be worth checking out.

About Face | General Academic Building (Unt) 321 | 7PM | $5

Monday, April 27th
The OC Burger  Grand Opening | The Oc Burger Elm Street | 8AM
Denton’s newest burger get’s the grand opening treatment on Monday and word on the street is they’re known for their delicious breakfast. Can’t wait to check it out!