If you haven’t sallied in to NV Cupcakes on Hickory since they moved to 231 W. Hickory St., prepare for a treat of Denton ingenuity. Sharing a space with Sprockets allows the couple behind the Sprokets/NV combo to host dance parties, concerts, and other fun events in town.

NV Cupcakes has an open concept, cool horizontal wooden slats, and tables to accommodate small groups of eat-in customers. There’s also a coffee bar and a second-story party room!

All the baked goods are made fresh daily and flavors come in an ongoing rotation. We tried the vanilla and the snickers which were consumed quickly and with gusto by the six years and under crew. The sugary sweetness is not for the faint of heart, but NV knows their audience. Bring in your perfect attendance or Honor Roll report card and you’ll receive a buy one, get one free special.

Everyone agreed the French macarons needed a little work to achieve that delicate balance that make them specialties of Paris. The flavors were heavy-handed, and they lacked the textural complexity of crisp, chewy, and fluffy in each bite.

The brownie cupcake was good, and the presence of good cocoa was a definite plus. They were moist inside with a rich deep flavor, and had a crackly, chewy crust.

Of all we tasted, however, the cake balls were the stars of the curious palate. Buttery smooth, perfectly sweet, and available in a rainbow of flavors- these miniature orbs of rich perfection are the reason we’ll be coming back.

Overall, NV Cupcakes ranks as a place to try and try again. How else can you decide which flavor is the best? 

This is the first in an ongoing column about desserts in Denton. Do you have one you're partial to? Let us know in the comments!