It’s never an easy slide into the hecticness of the fall semester, it’s a toss into the fire. As these events come along and you feel like you've got something that we should highlight, make sure to email us info and a link to your event by Tuesday since we post our listings for Wednesday - Tuesday. We only list 10 items so you’re not guaranteed a spot but we love to know everything that’s going on in the 76201 (Editor's Note: What about 76207, you square-ist?). Also remember to #WDDI all your pics you want us to check out for our What We Did post on Monday. People love hashtags. 

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Wednesday, September 3rd
FREE WEEK: Clear Acid / Power Objects / Problem DOGG / Fun Button | Rubber Gloves | 9PM | FREE
The week that is when everything in Denton is free continues with this eclectic lineup.

Thursday, September 4th
Boulez Campbell Soup Hour | Andy’s Bar | 8PM | $3
A new, new-music night at Andy’s looks interesting, carefully curated and worth checking out.

Friday, September 5th
Stonehill Center Celebration | Stonehill Center Merchants | 5PM
Live music, free drinks and unique shopping experiences are promised  at the “Square off The Square” which is that interesting little plot of shops north of town on 288 that looks like it may have been an outlet mall at some point, but currently features Rose Costumes, the Horny Toad Cafe and much more. 

Queen Tribute featuring Ginny Mac & Queen For A Day | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 8PM | $10
It’s Freddy Mercury’s birthday and all proceeds will go to Giving Hope, Inc.

Mooney Manor VI: Part 2: Animal Spirit / Class Action / Panic Volcanic / West & The Grooves | Mooney Manor | 8PM
The exciting second half of what was part six in a string of possibly never-ending house shows brought to you by Mooney Manor. 

Pan Ector Presents: Burnt Skull / War Party / Chinaski, The Fury / Jungle Ruckus | Rubber Gloves | 8PM

Coloring + Carousing: First Friday | DIME Store | 6PM
People love to color! Go and color some awesome locally made art work, but make sure to stay in the lines, y'all. 

Song & Story: Sydney Wright / (carucvana) / Ellie Meyer | Richard Gilbert | Banter | 8PM

Saturday, September 6th
UNT vs SMU | Apogee Stadium | 11AM
It’s an early season home opener but it will be nice to be able to celebrate our win over the mustangs for the rest of Saturday. 

Tuesday, September 9th
Chimpanzee Book Release Party | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 8PM
Special musical performances by Spitfire Tumbleweeds and the Nice-Up Crew plus a staged performance from the Chimpanzee audio-play will round out this opportunity to pick up the latest release from local author, Darin Bradley.