We’re headed toward third base as far as this Summer is concerned, and we’ve finally got that 100 degree heat we’ve been waiting for so patiently. This week has it’s mix of house shows and a few things for the kiddos if they’re getting restless and are into Minecraft. Don’t forget to tag your photos and someone PLEASE take pictures of those Minecraft creations.

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Wednesday, July 23rd
Minecraft Live | Emily Fowler Central Library | 3PM | FREE
Kids love Minecraft so imagine the obsessive chaos that will ensue when you tell them to build a 3D minecraft world out of paper and art supplies. Had we been born after 9/11, this is something we would totally be into.

Thursday, July 24th
Wedding Jewelry: Jewish Brides | Patterson - Appleton Center for the Visual Arts | 12PM
This is the next installment of the intriguing and apropos lecture series on American Brides.

Donate Denton County Drive | Denton Bible Church 2121 Nottingham Dr | 8AM - 4AM
Serve Denton will be collecting items like dish soap, washcloths, notebook paper, lego sets and small toys to send to the unaccompanied refugee children that have fled the violence in South America. Get more info at

Friday, July 25th
Mooney Manor VI: Pick Up Sticks | The Mooney Manor | 9PM
A classic house show featuring  Eerily Similar Beings, The Orcanaut, Vicious Firs and The Infamists.


Saturday, July 26th
House of Quad Saturday Night Fight Club | 222 S Mayhill Rd. | 7PM | $3
Sounds like a good old-fashioned open scrimmage. Go check out some roller derby. 

Layer Cake / Bethan / Mink Coats / Dripping Wet | Rubber Gloves | 9PM | Looks like Layer Cake is releasing an EP Cassette and this will be one of their last shows for a while (possibly ever). Great lineup on what will probably be a scorching summer night.

National Dance Day Party | North Lakes Rec. Center | 9am
So You Think You Can Dance (yes, the TV show) is hosting a national dance party complete with dancing (why not), snacks, music, games and a t-shirt cutting workshop (of course they would). Learn the moves or you’ll get voted out of the city.

Old Warhorse / Dove Hunter / Black James Franco | Dan’s Silverleaf | 9PM | $8

Sunday, July 27th
Paschall Brunch | Paschall Bar | 12:30 
A potato crusted quiche assortment with Scottish eggs, bread and butter cucumber salad and a blubbery breakfast cake for desert is the perfect way to start wrapping up this mid summer week. Smoke free and kid friendly fun at one of Denton's best bars. 

Hickoids / Dim Locator | Dan’s Silverleaf | 5PM | FREE

Monday, July 28th
Greg Cote: Real Life Friends Tour | J&J’s Pizza | 9PM


Post sponsored in part by the Denton County Museum in the courthouse. 

Post sponsored in part by the Denton County Museum in the courthouse.