Still recovering after the epic public hearing last night? We are too. So here’s a bunch of music and even a class on building your very own Cigar Box guitar to get your mind off things, you know, if they didn’t go the way you wish they had last night.

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Wednesday July 16
Dana Falconberry / Fool’s Reverie / Warren Hearne | 615 Austin St. | 8PM

DDM: Street Gnar / Fungi Girls / Shy Boys / Dripping Wet / Prism Cloud | J&J’s on The Square

Thursday July 17
Narrative Film Race Kick-Off Party | Banter | 9PM   The last film race was pretty inspiring - so we urge all of the local up and coming film makers to join in on the 48 hour fun. 

We Don’t Know: The Best Funk Band in Denton, TX | Dan’s Silverleaf | 8PM | $7  Who doesn't want to get down and get funky? It's summer. 

Friday July 18
Dark Rooms / The Hope Trust / Clay Thrash | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 8PM | $8

Saturday July 19
Spiderweb Salon 2nd Anniversary Extravaganza | 1200 Ridgecrest Circle | 4PM  Supporting and creating local art since 2012. Time to celebrate all those 'zines and great live performances. 

Cigar Box Building Class | Miller Guitarworks | 10AM

Prawn / football, etc. / Two Knights | Macaroni Island | 8PM
No jerks.

Moonbather / Peopleodian / Diamond Age | Dan’s Silverleaf | 10PM | $7

Sunday July 20
DHLF Christmas In July: The Holler Time / The Days / Taste of Herb & The Holiday Lighting Orchestra | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 4PM