THE DEN10: JUNE 18th

This Saturday is the first day of Summer, the Summer Solstice, Midsummer, St. Johns Day, Ivanje, Ukko’s celebration or if you're of the empirical cut, the day that the planet’s semi-axis in the northern hemisphere is most inclined toward the star we orbit. Either way, just make sure you to take advantage of all that great light by snapping some tasty pics and tagging them #WDDI. 

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Wednesday, June 18th
OpenHack: Makers | North Branch Library | 6PM
Guys, Denton’s North Branch Public Library has two 3D printers. This month’s OpenHack will be focused on getting to know Forge so you can start printing prototypes for your next invention.

Write of Passage Zine Workshop | 1425 Bolivar | 6PM
All writers and artists are welcome to this event geared toward creating the next Spiderweb Salon Zine series. This is the OpenHack of local Zines basically.

Jazz At The White House | The Whitehouse | 8PM
It’s that coffee shop off Bryan and Scripture that used to be Art Six and they’ve got the jazz. It’s an espresso bar and beer garden in it’s latest form so it’s worth checking out.

Thursday, June 19th
Movies In The Park After Dark | Quakertown Park | 8PM
This week's movie is Nut Job. We love outdoor movies and so should you.

Friday, June 20th
Tony Ferraro + The Satans Of Soft Rock / The Demigs / Delmore Pilcrow / Tall | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $5
Gloves has had a great string of shows lately and they continue it Friday with this offering from Tentacle Productions. 

Saturday, June 21st
Medicine Cabinet Makeover | Soma Massage Therapy | 4PM
Learn about all those oils that are essential. It’s all about thieves, y’all.

Best Little Brewfest In Texas | 126 W Church St., Lewissville | 4PM
While this is technically in our friendly lakeside neighbor, Lewisville, we’re putting it in our top ten events this week because you can take the DCTA train right down to the Old Town Train Station stop. File this under “Really Great Reasons To Take The Train”.

Comic Books In Action | Willis Library | 8AM
UNT has a large collection of comic books and we hope they provide cinny rolls and coffee (or mountain dew and cheetos) for this 8AM Saturday hang out.

Sunday, June 22nd
Boxcar Bandits | Dan’s Silverleaf | 4PM | FREE
Here’s a nice Sunday afternoon to cap off your weekend.

Hares On The Mountain | Dan’s Silverleaf | 7:30PM | FREE
Come for the bandits, stay for the el futbol match and then keep it going with Hares. Make this Sunday REALLY count for something. You won’t regret it.