As always, there's a lot going on in town, business-wise at the moment. Glen is pretty busy with his campaign. We should hear more from him in another "Mr. Farris Goes to City Hall" column soon, though. In the meantime, here's another Quick Denton Business Update! Take two minutes (less if you read at a 6th grade level) to make sure you're in the know with what all is going on in town. 

The owners of the Fine Arts Theatre are working to restore the space and return it to being a movie theatre and music venue once more. The restoration is already in the beginning stages and we're super excited about this. We've been saying for years that we wish we could see movies in this space. We're not so sure about the need for it to be a multi-purpose venue, though. We just want an awesome movie theatre that maybe plays some fun old movies and some art house films so we don't have to drive to Dallas to see movies (or turn to the internet...). They're currently looking for input through this survey. We highly encourage you to click through and take the survey yourself and tell them what you'd like to see in the Fine Arts Theatre. 

East Side Social Club (commonly known as ESSC) is being forced to change their name to East Side (ES doesn't have quite the ring to it) due to legal issues. It'll be the same awesome place you know and love - just a little less social and clubby. 

Sadly, our video playing around with the similar acronyms that ESSC and the ESSC shared is no longer valid...

Denton is giving BBQ another shot. Bet  the House BBQ will open June 1st at 508 S. Elm. South Elm seems to be getting a lot of action lately. Maybe we should come up with a horrible abbreviation for it. Something like "Selm" or "Solm" maybe. Either way, it's gotta be better than Goldmine, right? We're also hearing rumors of an upcoming BBQ foodtruck (that isn't Kendrick's) by the name of Native BBQ that may be roaming our streets with smoked delicacies this time next year. 

The Denton Record Chronicle reported last week that Dillard's is pretty happy with the recent renovations at the Golden Triangle Mall and has decided not to open up their stand alone store at Rayzor Ranch. That leaves Cinemark Bistro as the only current "anchor" of the south side of Rayzor Ranch. The developers of which are currently looking to lure a grocery store as an additional anchor. Y'all remember when there used to be hills and longhorns there? 

Hypnotic Donuts owner, James St. Peter, says he expects the store to open September 1st after finishing construction in early July. Put off your donut cravings for a few more months, folks. 

NV Cupcakes and Sprockets Bikes should be opening up on the square soon!

The new apartments from Jack Bell on Locust (across from The Dime Store and where Shift used to be) should be opening in July or August. We spoke with cool barista dude, Aaron Aguilar, who is very excited about the new space and says that Jack Bell is working with them to make the new Shift Coffee super awesome.  

Hootchie's has officially closed their old location and is in the process of getting things set up in the new spot at Hickory and Industrial. 

The Fine Arts Theatre will soon be showing movies. 

The Fine Arts Theatre will soon be showing movies. 

Nothing is confirmed, but we hear that a growler shop may be going in at the corner of Oak and Elm St.'s. Sure, you can go fill your growler inside the Chestnut Tree, but how great would it be to have a whole space dedicated to large bottles of beer that you can take with you? (Hint: the answer is very awesome). 

Crossfit 940 is open on the other side of 35 just south of 380. Go get your fit on before you have to wear a swimsuit again. 

South Elm Restaurant and Bar opened up last week to little pomp and circumstance in the old Irish Boozer space beside Casa Galaviz on...S. Elm. The menu looks pretty basic American diner - sliders, sandwiches, etc... There is a pickle sandwich on the menu and a weekend breakfast buffet complete with a make-your-own-waffle station. So, if you're into that, you've got weekend plans now.