Seryn members, Nathan Allen and Aaron Stoner, give their honest opinion of Chambers' soon the be released debut album, 'Inner Room.' 'Inner Room' will be released June 10, 2014 through The Record Machine.

Our friends in the band Chambers are about to drop their new album Inner Room on June 10th via The Record Machine. In fact, as they gear up for the big release, they're interviewing their buddies about the new album. We asked them a couple of questions about the new album, their evolving sound - and their newest marketing campaign (which you can. 

WDDI: What was your experience writing your new album? 

Judson Valdez: Making this album was a new experience for all of us I think.  As it is our first as a band, making it really was a struggle to establish what we want to be.  Sometimes that led to arguments and fits, but overall, it really is what brought us together as a band.  There is something special and difficult about taking a bunch of pieces and ideas that are so personal, bringing them to a group of people and saying, "how about this?"  I think we all had to learn to work together in that regard.

It's kind of like writing this super passionate love letter to you high school crush, spending hours and hours struggling to get the right words in hope that she will understand and think you're super cool, and then before you give it to her, you ask your friends to read over it and tell you what they think, and then they respond, " yeah, that's pretty good but what if you did this instead?"


What inspired your new marketing campaign? 

As strange as it might sound, we aren't always serious and moody, even though our music may portray otherwise.  Most of our time together is either serious brooding (myself especially) or joking around and playing joke cover songs.  So when we were talking ideas to promote the album, we thought it might be fun to show our other side a little since our music is so serious. Our close circle of friends is mostly made up of musicians, artists, photographers etc. and when we all get together we spend a lot of time joking around about the things we take most seriously, kind of a release I suppose.  So when we asked our friends to go on camera and make fun of us, they were very easily won over to the idea.


How would you describe your new album in 140 characters or less? 

An attempt to give the best and worst parts of us to everyone else. It's a big risk, but hopefully it will be worth taking.