The (Mostly) Movie Edition

Every once in a while, we like to turn our web browsers (read: Chrome) to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to check out what the world of local crowdfunding has to offer. In this case, it's mostly movies. 

It’s been a while since we last took a while at the Denton crowdfunding scene. For those not in the know, crowdfunding is sourcing money from friends, family and invested peoples through the internet to help fund your project, idea, or startup. Zach Braff did it. That new Veronica Mars movie did it. Maybe they inspired this recent glut of Denton movies and short films to turn to Kickstarter to find some money, too. 

Have a look through the following three campaigns and decide for yourself if one tickles your fancy. If so, hurry over to their page and donate. You’ll feel good about yourself for the rest of the day and maybe get a prize or credit later on.

#SavingScott is a hopeful short film from UNT students about a Youtube celebrity with a major lie that inevitably overtakes his online identity. While we're usually averse to movies with hashtags in the title, this short film sounds fairly interesting. Also, if you've ever just wanted to put an "Associate Producer" credit on your resume or something, you can do that if you donate $100 to #SavingScott. Donate here


The Phoenix is a horror/thriller period piece set in the 60's about a murder investigation. The film is from Amanda Barajas who is a member of UNT's Advanced Film Program. Barajas is looking for funding for things such as lens rentals, permits, and even craft services. A pledge of $25 will net you an 11" x 17" poster of the film. You can donate here. 

Amygdala is a personal project from Jordan Sutton about a man's life after suffering a debilitating brain injury. This movie is  different from the above two Kickstarter projects in as much as it has already been filmed. The movie was shot earlier this month and Sutton and his crew are just looking to recoup certain expenses and gain some money to help submit Amygdala to festivals and the like. This is another UNT student film that was shot with a Red Scarlet. You can donate here


There are also a few non-movie campaigns going on right now, too, believe it or not. This gestural-friendly Arduino module on Kickstarter from Dentonite Grabo, has just surpassed its goal of $10,000. If you're the type to tinker with a Raspberry Pi at home, you should kick it up a notch and look into this. You can still donate at the early bird price and get your own GestureR Tiny for only $16. 


Last, but not least, our friends at SCRAP Denton have just started their campaign to raise money for their education programming for both adults and children. It sounds as if they want to do it up big with their classes - they even plan to offer SCRAP Camp for kids this summer -  and we'd really like to see it happen. They're looking to raise a total of $8,500 and the campaign has 39 days left as of today. There are some pretty cool perks, as well. A donation of $75 will get you a pass to one of their future adult classes - well, that plus the satisfaction of having backed a potentially very cool thing. You can donate here