We here at WDDI pride ourselves on civic engagement and education for helping to create a strong local electorate. We believe in people being a part of their local government, getting involved with city committees, citizens educating themselves, mini-cinnamon rolls and all sorts of other "fun" stuff. We love when people take a part in that change. Especially when it includes stuff like signage, right?

We live in a fairly progressive city with a local government that takes a special interest in meeting our needs. For instance, once we mentioned that the grass on the local frisbee golf course was a bit long and the next week it got mowed. Coincidence? We think not. Aside from grass mowing, they also care about plenty of stuff that affects our daily lives like mending sidewalks and promoting public art. 

That's why we're so proud to announce that one of our co-owners and founder is running for City Council in District 2. Yup, that's right. Glen Farris, local media mogul and owner of much denim, is seeking to fill the vacant seat of the incumbent, Dalton Gregory, when he vacates in May. 

“Glen has shown great leadership in our community and will be an asset on City Council,” said outgoing Mayor Pro Tem Pete Kamp. “I am looking forward to seeing his energy and business perspective on the council and know he will serve the citizens of Denton.”

Glen made his announcement online shortly after filing to run for the District 2 seat on the morning of February 5th, 2014. “I am grateful for those who have supported me in making this decision and I am looking forward to working for all of our Denton citizens.”

Glen brings extensive business and community leadership experience to his bid for city council. He has managed production and talent buying for Spune Productions since 2006. In addition to serving as president of the Downtowners, the downtown neighborhood association, he is currently on the executive board of directors of the Downtown Main Street Association, serves on the City of Denton Public Art Committee and is on the Citizens Bond Advisory Committee for the 2014 Bond Election program.

What can we say? We're pretty proud of the guy. This makes us especially happy to hit the polls this May. Besides helping to found WDDI, Glen also writes the weekly Den10 events listing and is the source of the information that forms our monthly Mr. Farris Goes to City Hall column.

But what does this mean for the blog? Not much. WDDI consists of a few taco-loving people who work hard to bring you pictures of cats, news about donuts, and remind you when you should go to Dan's Silverleaf. Nothing will change here during the election and all of our content will be the same whether he wins or loses. Glen may have what he calls a "whiskey week" should the latter occur, but that would probably only result in a less funny Den10 or two. After all, politics are just a very small fraction of the information we like to cover. In addition, this year you will receive no partisan reporting on politics from us. We won't be endorsing anyone running for any position and if we end up doing interviews, all candidates will be given the same considerations. And like our post from yesterday said, we always encourage you to get your news from multiple sources. The DRC always has great election coverage and if you aren't cool with them, start your own blog!

If you want to follow along with Glen's campaign, hear more about his unique perspective about Denton or see why he's running, check out his Facebook, Twitter or website to stay on top of forum dates, the last day to register to vote and of course, hot-Denton-opinions. 

Also, Glen will do what he can to promote tacos for all.