Breakfast tacos at La Estrella. 

Breakfast tacos at La Estrella. 

As most of you already know, we're pretty taco crazy. We especially love the fact that tacos can be served three times a day, even more if you count a taco as a snack. We've talked before about a few of our favorite tacos around Denton - namely, our guide to the East McKinney Taco Corridor and how to hunt down a good taco in town - but we have a special place in our hearts for the breakfast taco. A thousand times better than a stale bagel from Kroger, and way more satisfying than that bowl of Lucky Charms you had this morning, a good breakfast taco can improve your morning tenfold. 

That said, "breakfast" tacos aren't just for the AM. Flour tortillas, eggs and greasy meat are pretty much the best hangover cure at noon on a Saturday, and they're equally excellent after a long night of playing bags at Oak Street Draft House. So take a look at our recommendations below. Keep in mind, this is by no means encyclopedic knowledge of all things breakfast taco. This is a primer; something to help you step away from Taco Cabana. We know this will be a highly contestable post so get your angry comments ready now. 


Show up at La Estrella at the right time, and you’ll have some of the best breakfast tacos this side of the Rio Grande. Be careful, though, you might be met with Denton’s version of the “soup nazi” whom we will dub the “taco fascist.” We love her pan with the inverted handle she uses to prepare meat for your breakfast tacos. She’s actually pretty darned awesome. Just don’t be overly gringo and things will work out okay. 

Casa Galaviz has the softest scrambled eggs. They're so soft, they’re almost delicate. They serve them on hot handmade flour tortillas alongside some incredibly tasty salsa. Plus if you bring your own jar you can get a bunch of their salsa for only a few bucks to take home and put on everything you make for the next three days. 

Most of the taco facilities we're recommending aren't the same places we'd recommend you grab a coffee. If you're going to grab a beverage, grab some horchata. Horchata, Mexican rice milk, is delicious, slightly sweet and normally has a faint cinnamon flavor. We can't recommend Taqueria Guanajuato's horchata enough. To go along with that tasty beverage make sure you grab some of their barbacoa breakfast tacos and cover them with salsa. 

Be adventurous. Beef tongue (lengua) sounds kinda gross, but it's an awesome cut of meat and is great on a breakfast taco. 

Taco Tuesday, y'all. Mi Casita has a good basic potato egg and cheese breakfast taco. While it might not be as good as some of the others, they’re still fresh and fast and not greasy and cheap as heck. Also, we love eating chips and salsa in the morning, and the spice on the chips at Mi Casita is great. Plus, they have a few different locations so you're sure to be able to get to one even if you're off of the EMTC. 




Fuzzy’s may be cheap and there all the time, but they are so incredibly greasy and the egg is more of a rubbery mound than a soft scramble. Plus, their hot sauce can’t even begin to compare to fresh salsa. It mostly just takes like vinegar with a little kick. 

Anything at Sonic that is labeled a 'breakfast taco' inside of a chewy, thick, and tough tortilla with tater tots and an 'egg mix' should not be consumed nor should it be called a breakfast taco. 

While we normally love us some corn tortillas, when it comes to breakfast tacos, we're gonna have to always go with flour. 

We have mixed opinions on Rusty Taco’s breakfast tacos - some of us love ‘em, some…don’t. Sorry Rusty's. We all dig your cheap tequila margaritas and your Baja shrimp tacos with that habanero sauce, though. But some of us can't give a thumbs up to your breakfast tacos. They're good sometimes, but inconsistency isn't good for our mornings. We are happy that you open up before 11am now. And we'll keep visiting for lunch with a margarita on your great patio.