Will Milne

Once a month, we like to take a look at all of the business openings and closings in town that interest us. This being Denton, we're always pretty busy. In fact, we set out to write this column, thinking it would be an easy one to bang out this month, but no...there's so much going on. Read on to learn about all of the bars (even of the salad variety), restaurants, apartments and more that will be open in Denton very soon.

A new high end brew pub dubbed Barley & Board will go into the space that was previously occupied by Cafe Herrera's. Sparky Pearson of LSA is onboard and the place looks to be pretty interesting. We attended a little preview shindig earlier this month. Check out our post from that event to learn more

The Denton Record Chronicle reported last week that the space that was once Gerhard's and has been empty for about a year now at 222 W. Hickory will become a Muddy Jakes Sports Grill and Pub soon enough. We're just gonna share their little logo thing with some sort of beer drinking UNT hoodlum dogs for ya and move on. 

This will either be The Rail Yard or East End next summer. 

This will either be The Rail Yard or East End next summer. 

The Martino Group Axis Realty Group will open a new apartment complex in a 27,936 square foot historic building over on the east side of downtown. Axis is currently putting it to the city of Denton as to whether the building should be dubbed The Railyard or East End, but either way it will be home to some high-end apartments, retail/restaurant space, and creative office space. 

Yogurt Fusion closed a couple of weeks ago much to the chagrin of yogurt aficionados around the square. So if you've been jonesing to recreate 2006 and play some Wii, you're out of luck. 

Service Industry is a new bar that will open up the in the old Goldmine BBQ space on Hickory next February. We'll hopefully have more info on them soon enough. 

We talked with Eric Nichelson of the brand new Denton Music Workshop last week. They're a vessel of knowledge for all things music. Check out our coverage here

Hickory and Fry, the upcoming bar going into the space at Hickory...and...Fry, has a menu up on their website. No drinks listed for the much-hyped cocktail bar, but there are elotes, so our interests are piqued. 

A local burger chain, OC Burgers, will open on South Elm by Bet the House. We were kinda ho-hum on this place until we saw this picture of their olympic burger with pastrami. Now our mouths are watering. 

Inspire Yoga, will soon open a location in Denton. The vinyasa yoga facility's first, and only other location, is in Highland Village. Their Denton location will join Pizza Snob in the retail section of the H Squared apartments on Hickory St. 

Local music festival, 35 Denton (ex NX35, North by 35, 35 Conferette, etc...) is back with a vengeance after taking a year off. Amidst some shuffling behind the scenes, they decided it was the time of the season to put out their first (yup, that was the first of many) announcement about next March's festival earlier this week. Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, The Zombies, will take the stage in Denton along with a bunch of other great bands. Check out the full list here. More on that soon enough...

It was recently announced that the employee-owned Winco Foods will be the much-anticipated grocery anchor at Rayzor Ranch Town Center. The announcement was met with some dismay which you already know if you follow us on Facebook. 

The delicious gringo taco food truck you've no doubt tried out, Flatlanders Taco Company, will open their first brick and mortar store behind Andaman and across from Oak St. Drafthouse early next year. We hope to scope the place out and somehow work out way into getting a free margarita or something... and maybe take a picture or two of the place. 

We'll go out with a couple of quick ones:

Salata, a "next-generation salad bar" will open soon at the U Centre on Fry. 

Fera's became El Gato Loco a while back somehow, but you don't really need to go there.

The DRC had a great piece on Harvest House, the bar/venue/community space that was once an automotive shop on Hickory (where else?) hope to open March 13th of next year. 

We've heard rumors of a artisanal olive oil and balsamic vinegar place going in on South Locust (ugh SoLo). 

While this isn't in the realm of new businesses, we figured we'd end this month's Business Update with an urge for y'all to go eat at some of those restaurants stuck in the middle of the construction on Hickory St. Yes, they're open. Andaman, Weinberger's Deli and Mellow Mushroom are in the worst of it and are completely delicious. Personally, the red skin potato pie at Mellow Mushroom is one of our favorite pizzas in town (not to mention their awesome happy hour), and the poached banana over at Andaman is our favorite fall dessert. Go treat yoself and help out some businesses (plus you get to walk across a temporary pedestrian bridge). 

NOTE: This post was edited on 12/18/2014. The Martino Group is actually building the East End/Rail Yard space.