Every once in a while, we like to interview a various folks in town that are of interest to us and probably you. They might be kinda weird, kinda funny, or just someone we ran into on the street. We take some photos, ask 'em some questions, and there you have it. It's People of Denton. 

Comic books, you either love them or your friend Randy won't shut up about them. We tracked down one of the ultimate comic book nerds to get an inside look at this pervasive hobby. Scott Foltz isn’t your mediocre collector. Dude has been collecting for longer than most UNT students have been alive. Foltz started his hardcore Batman, Superman, and X-Men collection in 1992, and hasn't missed a week since. That’s three books a week for over 22 years now (not including rogue ones he’s nabbed along the way). So, what’s a cool mechanic fella like Foltz holding onto all these bad boys for anyway? No, but really - his fiancé would like to know...

We Denton Do It: How long have you been in Denton, and what do you love most about this place?

Scott Foltz: About five years ago I moved here, and three years ago I took a job as a mechanic in Lewisville. Beyond the square and the local scene, I really have to say that this town has an open mind. We are cool with a myriad of lifestyles here. By that I mean, I feel like Denton is a Norman Rockwell painting with a 40oz beer and a blunt. I honestly think Denton is a better place to live than Austin, and I hope Denton doesn’t necessarily become Austin. Traffic and overpopulation can kill the vibe of any cool place. Denton is comfortable and fun, and I hope it doesn’t change completely.

What about comic books keeps you coming back for more, and what makes you hold onto them instead of selling or trading?

Since ‘92 I’ve been a huge fan of Batman, Spiderman, and X-Men and I fell in love with the story-lines. They’re like a never-ending book, that you just want to know the next chapter. I can’t let go of them because they don’t end, and I want to keep them together as a complete package I suppose. I’ve been following the characters for so many years, that I’ve made a connection that I can’t break. I’ve even tattooed by leg with my favorite comic book character Gambit from X-men. He’s awesome.

Can you talk a little bit about the best comic books in the DFW, and if you think Denton might be up-and-coming in the comic scene?

I can tell you now, I currently get my comics from Boomerang Comics in Lewisville (close to work). My favorite would have to be Madness comics in Plano. And I think there is a big comic following in Denton, however, there are only two comic book stores in Denton. Madness has everything. Current issues, back issues out the wazoo, tons of graphic novels, and loads of games. They host a different game night I think every day now with new game lessons over the weekend.

Do you think the demographic of comic book collectors is changing?

The demographic of comic book collectors I think that is pretty varied. I think it’s a bit irrelevant to classify people interested in comic books as the stereotypical "nerd" with no life, living at home with his mother. It's an eclectic range of people from kids, to early teens all the way to their 30's or older. And it's everyone...hipsters, jocks, even girls. I know a few girls that can go toe to toe with me on comic knowledge.

We can see you’re also an avid reader, movie collector, and music fiend. Can you let us in on a few of your favorite things in all categories?

Sci-Fi fantasy is where it’s at. My favorite books are the Dresden Files, The Godfall, and the Jim Buchner Series. The shows I’m into are Portlandia, Archer, and Agents of Shield. I’ve also been pretty obsessed with 30 Seconds to Mars for many years, and also dig the Black Keys.

I just want to also put it out there that I’ve met Jared Leto six times. He knows who I am, just saying….

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