It's time for another Friday Video Threesome post in which we highlight three videos that involve Denton in some way, shape, or form. Today, we have a great video on Denton Coffee Culture created by a 16 year old, a video of Nite's performance at last month's SoFar Sounds show, and a fun GoPro video from Little Guys Movers showcasing what it's like to race a coffin down Oak St. Now let's watch some videos!

Here's a video about the coffee scene in Denton county from 16 year old Austin Leih. While Bookish is featured heavily, this is a video that focuses more on Denton County than the City of Denton so the other coffee shops we see are Trio in Flower Mound (which has fun Belgian waffle thingies, y'all) and Roots in Highland Village. 

Nite at last month's SoFar Sounds show. You can read more about that show from our post here

Here's a fun video with a first-hand account of what it is like to go down Oak St. in a coffin from Little Guys Movers. Now we kinda wanna build our own coffin next October.