Who wants to drink from the firehose? The weather will be just like this until New Years Day. We promise, y'all. There are far too many great events to attend this week. Throw on top of that all of the holiday parties you're headed to and you’ll wish you lived in a place where nothing happened. The pictures we have to choose from What We Did on Monday have been incredible lately and we love to see 'em so keep 'em coming!

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Wednesday, November 19th
Conspiracy Movie Screening | Willis Library Forum | 6:30PM
Mean Greens For Animals will be screening what sounds like the Loose Change documentary for people afraid of eating animals. Not quite Interstellar, but we’ll take it.

Catching the Vibe: Beatmakers Forum | Abbey Underground | 9PM
Producer gear-heads take note.

Thursday, November 20th
Beaujolais & More | Denton Civic Center | 5:30 | BUY TICKETS
Wine from Metzler’s and beer from Audacity Brewhouse plus door prizes will be happening at this year's event that will be benefiting our beloved Denton Community Theatre.

TechMill Open House | 210 S Elm St | 5PM
Looks like TechMill is moving into their co-working space and they want everyone to come check it out and christen the launch. Co-hosted by the smart folks at Square 205.

Students Research Showcase | Innovation Greenhouse UNT | 4PM 

Friday, November 21st
Say Hi / Fishboy / Delia Haunt | Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios | 9PM


The Chestnut Tree is one of our favorite places in town to have lunch/brunch/any other thing that ends in "unch."

100,000 Homes Community Briefing | Civic Center | 12PM
This is a great initiative that our city is taking on to work to end homelessness. Watch the video to get an overview of this game-changing program.

3rd Friday Swing Out | Sprockets | 8PM 
DSDO is hosting their 3rd Friday Swing dance at our local bike and cupcake shop. Yes, you read that correctly and welcome to Denton, y'all.

Saturday, November 22nd
Good / Bad Art Collective Presents Rock Lottery 13 | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 9PM
This will sell out in advance so if you want to see it, get tickets ASAP.

Stellar Black IPA Release | Audacity Brew House | 6PM
Their Raptor IPA is delicious so we’re very excited about this  90 IBU IPA offering.