Have y'all accidentally written 2013 on a piece of paper yet? We just did. Oops. We'll eventually get it stuck in our heads that it is 2014 now. We kind of have to because there's a lot of stuff going down this year. We took a moment and typed out the ten things we're most excited about happening this year. Check it out below and let us know what you're excited about in the comments!

Rendering of the new Hypnotic Donuts store on Hickory St. 

Rendering of the new Hypnotic Donuts store on Hickory St. 

  • Hypnotic Donuts and Cultivar Coffee - yeah, we know we keep yammering on about this one, but we're just excited about having a reason to walk down that portion of Hickory St. or a spot to eat some chicken biscuits past midnight on the square. 


  • New albums from Seryn (and a documentary), Doug Burr, The Eli Young Band, Robert Gomez and lots more will be pumping through our earbuds this year.


  • Empty Storefronts Filled - We're super excited to see what fills the space of the recently-closed Gerhard's, Burguesa, Pizza Inn, and Grip. Lots of potential there in what some may call "cursed" spaces, but we think that it's a possibility that we just have yet to see a business that meets the needs of these exact spots. We definitely don't need another "Vape" shop (how many of those do you think opened in Denton in 2013? Eight?). 


  • The Hive opening up it's doors, changing into something else, or an as-of-yet unknown third option. We dunno. @35Denton says it's still a thing and the new paint on the front is pretty, so that's definitely something. 


  • New businesses on the square including the two-story NV Cupcakes/Sprocket's combo store we've heard rumors of and possibly filling up a growler at West Oak Coffee Bar when they open up on the square beside McBride's sometime in 2014.


what we didcafe herrera.jpg
  • Cafe Herrera finally opening. Ever since we've been able to see through their windows at night (creepy enough for ya?), we've been craving Mexican food. 


  • Whole Foods - We'll once again make the Denton "County" argument and be happy that 2014 will see a Whole Foods opening up in Highland Village. While we'd rather it be a little closer (maybe Central Market will open up in an old Denton Piggly Wiggly someday), we'll take what we can get. We already have lots of wonderful healthy grocer options in town (read: Natural Grocers, The Cupboard, etc...), but it's always nice to have options for more super fancy cheese. 


  • Food Trucks again. The Austin St. Food Truck Park behind East Side Social Club plans to open their 'doors' this March. They will have five to seven different trucks parked there on a daily basis. With Denton's newest truck, The Waffle Wagon, set to start selling soon, and rumors of the late, great Wyld Taters resurrecting, too, we think 2014 will be a banner year for food trucks in Denton. 


  • New Mayor - Love him or hate him, Mayor Burroughs terms out this year and we'll have to elect a brand, spankin' new mayor. We're hoping this race starts to heat up this next month. Maybe Eli Gemini will move back? 


  • Hickory St.'s Revamp - It's possible that We Denton Do It used the term "back-in angled parking" at least a dozen times in 2013. We'll probably do it more this year when the plans to make some adjustments (more info in this past post) to Hickory St. actually happen.




So that's what we got! What are you excited about in 2014?