Does anyone else want to cut their face off, set it on fire, and subsequently bury it? This has got to be the absolute worst allergies have ever been. Actually, that's something we say about once a year at about this time when our noses start to get runny. Some tips to get through this tough time include Benadryl, Tylenol PM, tea, water and as much sleep as you can fit in your schedule. There are massive amounts of incredible things coming down the pipeline - it truly does feel like we’re all drinking from the fire-hose this time of year. 

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Wednesday January 22
Mouthwatering Wednesdays | Downtown Station | 11AM
What a great idea. Get a bunch of food trucks to show up every Wednesday by the train station and let the community go at it. Grab your office buddies and head that way on your bike or on foot and enjoy what they’ve got to offer. It’s an exciting time to be eating food in Denton, y’all.

2014 City of Denton Bond Program Community Meeting | Denia Rec Center | 6 - 8PM
Have an idea for a project that could be funded by the bond program? Or maybe you just want to check out some of the projects already in consideration? There will be four community forums for this program and we will be posting all of them - so make sure you head out to one and get involved with the direction of the city. It’s sort of a big deal.

Country Nightmares: Honky Tonk Dance Music | Dan’s Silverleaf | 10PM


Friday January 24
Startup Weekend | Denton Public Library North Branch | 9PM
This event will local entrepreneurs with developers and designers to build and validate the product in 54 hours. What a great idea to help incubate the vast resources of talent we’ve got in town. 

Pan Ector Moving Party | Pan Ector Industries | 5PM
Our hometown printers are moving to a new location and throwing a shin-dig to celebrate. They’ll have shirts and tanks on sale and beers free with purchase if you’re into that. Yes, we are.

Grovefest 2014: Blake-T / Class Action / The Infamists / Off World / The Royal Savages | Grove Denton | 1PM
Five bands and a pair of cars you can pay a dollar to smash and they take debit card. Dream come true for those of you still stewing over your losing sports team.

Who’s In Bed With The Butler? | Denton Community Theatre | 7PM | $20
This looks like a medium hilarious play.

Saturday January 25
2014 City of Denton Bond Program Community Meeting | North Lakes Rec Center | 10 - 12PM

Saturdays in the Galleries | UNT Art Gallery | 1 - 3PM
Art exhibitions, poetry readings, storytelling and creative demonstrations will be on display - plus activities for K-12 students.

Sunday January 26
Movie Night on the Patio | Oak Street Draft House | 6PM
Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Caddyshack to wrap up your weekend fun.