Last year we took a look at several Denton locals that took the leap of faith and put their plans in your hands with crowdfunding campaigns. Some were successful, some are still hard at work raisin additional funds through other means, and some didn't work out super well. Whichever it may be, we wanted to check back in and see where a few of them are now. Read on to see what your hard earned dollars and support helped with.  

Splash Park 

The Denton splash park efforts were seemingly everywhere this summer. One of the biggest fundraising efforts though was their Indiegogo campaign that started back in August. Of the $100,000 they were asking for, they've raised just over $6,000. However, through all of their efforts they've gotten the attention of the city and the parks department. Apparently the group behind the efforts has plans for more fundraisers in the spring as weather heats up and we are quickly reminded why a splash park would be a great addition to our city's landscape. They are also looking into neighborhood empowerment grants and a few other options for raising money. They are working on putting together a website, getting t-shirts printed and collecting more in-kind donations to help spur on the effort. It's good to know that there may still be a day in the not-so-far-off future we may just have a splash park to add to our cooling down strategies in the heat of the summer. 


Soma Massage 

Soma, a local massage company owned by neighborhood powerhouse Amber Briggle started an Indiegogo campaign to help expand her business. She had outgrown the space in her home and was ready to relocate to an office, hire a few more staff and watch her small business grow beyond the four walls it had previously been in. After her campaigning she was able to move that business into a new address, just a mile away from home. She has also doubled her staff, hiring four therapists, a part time office admin, and a web guy. Way to go local business! 


Robert Gomez, Earth Underfoot

Talented local musician Robert Gomez asked for funds through Kickstarter to help record his fourth album. After a successful campaign, he recorded the album "Earth Underfoot" in September at Redwood Recording Studios in Denton, TX. A few days ago the album was mixed and hopefully will be released soon. We can't wait to hear it Rob. If you want to follow the progress of the project, updates are posted regularly on his artist page here


Explorium Children's Science  

Explorium Denton is a proposed interactive children's science museum for our city. A place where our kid's minds can be expanded and challenged with a range of interactive exhibits. The campaign is being led by Anyah Martinez, a local mom who is incredibly active in the Denton community. The campaign hasn't raised the funds it needs, but since it's through GoFundMe there is no end date. Anyah is working on making more promo videos in hopes to get the support of potential donors in the future. We're hoping to see more action on this project as we believe that an interactive science museum for our kids would be a pretty cool thing. 


Rabbit Hole Brewing 

Local brewers Rabbit Hole launched a campaign to help fund their beer brewing efforts. Never a city to turn down more alcohol, especially craft beer, we weren't surprised when they exceeded their fundraising goals. They recently launched their first two beers at Oak Street Draft House and East Side Social Clube. They Mike Modano's 561 Kolsch and the Rapture Brown Ale. They are now available at 20 different locations across the Metroplex and have more on the way. 


Bookish Coffee  

2013 was an exciting year for Bookish. After reaching their goals on Kickstarter, they were able to purchase a 12 kilo roaster, thats four times larger than the one they had been roasting on. Since then owner Clay Rozell has been learning and tweaking roast profiles with the new roaster, trying to extract the best flavor from the beans. Because of his new production capabilities he is better able to leverage his position with other companies to get his product onto more shelves. Right now he is working with Natural Grocers to get Bookish into more stores around the metroplex and he is working hard to get into a few other grocery stores in the area. Alongside being available in more stores, he is stocking beans in Big Mike's coffee rotation and into the Cyber Cafe in the UNT library. The growth of Bookish hasn't only been great for Bookish, it's also allowed them to give back to the Denton community a good bit. They were awarded the "Top Adopter Best Adopter in 2013" by the Denton Independent School District and Chamber of Commerce. They are also committed to supporting the Denton Area Younglife and their mission in Denton. According to Clay they success of the Kickstarter campaign really gave Bookish the boost it neeaded to become a more viable business and a bigger part of the community.