Its hard to believe we're staring into October already. Once it gets going it really doesn't slow down until you find yourself trying to figure out how to get home for the holidays. Well there is once again plenty to take advantage of in our 'tiny little boring town' this week. From a Breaking Bad watch party at Dan's to a pop-up Wine dinner at Chestnut Tree, there is a ton of variety to keep you busier than you should be. Make sure to hashtag #WDDI in your Instagram or Facbook pics from the weekend if you want to be featured in our Monday post, What We Did. If you happen to run an establishment and are a little clever, this could be a way to show off your stuff on one of our most popular posts of the week. Just an idea.

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Wednesday September 25
Midlake / Doug Burr  | Dan's Silverleaf | 8PM | $15
As of this moment there are six tickets left to the second night of Midlake's World Tour of Denton 2013. They should be wrapping up their first set as I write this and I'm wondering if there will be a positive reaction to there being half as many flutes as previous lineups of this hometown favorite. I also wonder which show Jason Lee will be at. At any rate, we'll always be a sucker for their 2004 effort, Bamnan & Silvercork.

Thursday September 26
Daniel Markham / Brent Best / Christian Lee Hutson | Dan's Silverleaf | 9PM | $7
Christian Lee Hutson's got a voice with some serious songwriting chops. At least enough to hang with the other heavy hitters on this bill. Be prepared to be impressed by the craftsmanship of everyone that gets on Dan's stage this Thursday.

EYE PLAY | UNT North Gallery | 5PM | FREE
Holli Noelle Hays will be displaying some of her favorite prints accompanied by light refreshments. 

Friday September 27

Ella Minnow / Savage & The Big Beat / The Cozy Hawks | Dan's Silverleaf | 9PM | $5
Remember Jurassic Park The Musical? Classic Denton.

Babar / Blessin' / Feverbones / Dome Dwellers | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $5
Here's a pretty diverse lineup of some of the most talented active bands we've got. I also really approve of their event page because it's got everything I need as far as info about where, when and how much it is PLUS it's got some links to all of the band's music. Really good work fellas; on the music and the promotion.

Sparkling Wine Dinner | The Chestnut Tree | 6:30PM | 

Each course of this dinner will be served with a different sparkling wine. Most of the items seem to be locally sourced even down to the Kurobota Pork Loin that they'll be stuffing with spinach. Chestnutt always knocks it out of the park with these sorts of special pop up dinners so be sure to take advantage of them when they pop up.


Saturday September 28
7th Annual Oktoberfest | Cool Beans, Riprocks, Lou's | 6PM | $12 

For a measly dozen dollars you'll get a commemorative t-shirt, 3 authentic steins and all you can eat germanish food like brats and kraut. All this plus live polka music and you've got yourself an Octoberfest situation on Fry St.

Sunday September 29
The Dramatic Final Episode of Breaking Bad | Dan's Silverleaf | 7PM | FREE
From what I hear and if you've been watching this show, you should probably watch this one so why not have a few drinks up at Dan's while you're at it.

Last Sunday's Open Shop | Tex's Tubs Drum Co | 11AM - 4PM
Feel like fixing something with some tools at a shop and having a potluck also? This has turned into quite a gathering of folks handy with tools, handily handing them to those without so they can fix their gear. We love that this happens. It needs to happen more.

Tuesday October 1
The Tuesday Night Bike Ride | The Language Building UNT | 9PM | FREE
This has been going on for longer than I can remember. A mass group of riders taking over the mean streets of Denton on a Tuesday night. Seems like it'd be a pretty good time if you've got a bike.