Video by Addison Day 

A week and a day ago marked an anniversary of sorts. It's a story that's hard to explain and that many people don't really even care about, but we do. On September 12th, 1992, the late First State Bank buried a time capsule at the corner of Hickory and Locust. This capsule was to be exhumed in twenty years. Eventually, September 12th, 2012 rolled around and the day went by without any shovels, jackhammers or digging tools of any sort. The time capsule stayed buried. 

Time Capsule Awareness by Aaron White

Time Capsule Awareness by Aaron White

No one was organized enough to get a simple tube out of the ground. Of course, First State Bank had closed many years prior and Wells Fargo (the current inhabitant of the building on that sidewalk) had nothing to do with the time capsule, but you would have thought that surely someone, somewhere would have had the wherewithal to put a plan in place to get that time capsule up and out of the ground. After all, we had 20 years to plan for it. At midnight that very evening, several Dentonites met at the site, right on top of the time capsule. We poured one out for the capsule and talked about our own stupidity, prowess and lack of forethought. Then, we decided that we would protect that time capsule from ever being taken out of the sidewalk to preserve it's memory. We wanted to be able to walk over it and see the inscription with the date "September 12th, 2012" on it for the rest of time. The time capsule was unearthed a short while later. 

Last Thursday was the first anniversary of that day. Once more, we met up at the spot the time capsule used to be. Councilman Kevin Roden and We Denton Do It-er, Glen Farris gave speeches on the subject, Fishboy was there to sing some epic tunes, and many others gathered to share in the anarchy. Above is a video documenting that evening. If you want to learn more about the Denton time capsule, you can read our story on it from last yearKevin Roden's (great comments on this one) or even the Dallas Observer's article. Please share time capsule awareness with your friends and make plans next year to meet us over at the corner of Hickory and Locust to celebrate one of the most Star's Hollow like moments Denton has ever had.