Here we go again. Another semester and another list of the top ten things we think you should be checking out this week. There's something in the air in Denton as the summer closes out. The sleepy, dusty town fills up with new faces and is bursting at the seams with potential and enthusiasm. It really is a great time to be a part of this city, and we encourage you to do just that week after week. Get involved, show up, be present, get off your phone and Facebook and get out there. If not, you'll end up in a very tiny little boring bubble in the ocean of creative activity that is the town you are in. 

Wednesday August 28
Dromez / Curvette / Violent Squid | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $5
Some noise, some space rock and some of the weirdest pop to come from Denton is a good way to start off the weekend early at Gloves.

Read Aloud Workshop with Walker Smart II | 1425 Bolivar St | 6PM | FREE
Another great event put on by the lovely folks of Spiderweb Salon.

Bukkake Moms And The Problem Dogg Orchestra / INUBO / Madonna. / Race Traitor | Macaroni Island | 9PM | FREE
Seriously, no jerks.

Thursday August 29
Nice Up The Porch | Dan's Silverleaf | 7PM | FREE
Here's a collection of some of our favorite DJ's, plus a very special guest out on our favorite porch at our favorite pub. Craig Welch (Brutal Juice) curates this night. Be sure to check out 1670AM if you're near the square for the best of our underground radio broadcasting.

Homescapes | Cora Stafford Gallery @ Oak St. Hall | 5PM | FREE
Geryn Roche displays three years of ceramics work in one of our favorite galleries. Check out her work.

Unicorn Lake Summer Concert Series | Beth Marie's @ Unicorn Lake | 7PM | FREE
Wise Ruby plays this Thursday. If you're not familiar with the town, Unicorn Lake is off 35E by the AMC theater just south of The Golden Triangle. If you see signs for Sasquatch Canyon, you've gone too far.

Friday August 30
Tricounty Terror / FTW / Jacko Suede | Andy's | 9PM | $6
Come early, stay late.

Saturday August 31
The Gospel of The Mouth Saint featuring H.I. Jr. & Skagg Phillips | Dan's Silverleaf | 9:30PM | $5
Walker Smart is going to have a busy week it turns out. Not sure what to expect out of this night but it's got some promise to be interesting. H.I. Jr. is an experimental psych pop quintet that's got some range. 

Sunday September 1
Friends With Benefits Concert | Fry St. | 11:30AM | $15
All proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity in Hood County to help rebuild homes destroyed in May's tornado. There's a pretty impressive list of locals on this one to check out anchored by the infamous Danny Rush & The Designated Drivers.

Monday September 2
FREE WEEK 2013 @ RGRS | Rubbergloves | 9PM | Sept 2 - Sept 7
This year's free week has been curated by Scott Porter and just might be the biggest FREE WEEK this town has ever seen. Five nights of some of the best bands in town and all of it FREE. Always worth it.