Well, here we go. Summer's done and we've got a whole semester in front of us to start getting things done. This week we've got the Better Blocks info meeting on Wednesday. If you want to see what that's about, check out this TedTalk.  We'll be rolling out our riveting back-to-school content soon so be on the lookout for all that as we welcome the student population back into town. 

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Wednesday August 21
Denton Better Block Info Meeting | Greater Denton Arts Council | 5:30PM
This is a really awesome idea that's spreading from Oak Cliff into our city. Show up and share your ideas at the GDAC building which is on the corner of Bell and Hickory streets.

BUZZ BEE - Dentin's Ownly Uhdult Spelleen Bee(r)! | Dan's Silverleaf | 8PM | $5 to enter
All the agony, pain and drama of an actual spelling bee will descend upon Dan's tonight. If you attended the last BUZZ BEE, you know that you are in for a wild ride of spelling things.

Fishboy / Human Behavior / Joey Kendall / Timothy Jarrod Smith | J&J's | 9PM | FREE
Start your weekend early with Fishboy and an italian sausage sandwich which I maintain is the best sandwich money can currently buy in Denton.

Hailey's and The Denton Comedy Collective | Hailey's | 9PM | FREE
Pizza and joke tellers for the very low price of free.

Thursday August 22
Sacco & Vanzetti / Danny Rush & The DD's / Clair Morales / Old Potion | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $5

Unicorn Lake Summer Concert Series | Beth Marie's @ Unicorn Lake | 7PM
The Kerry Davis Jr. Band tears that metaphorical unicorn a hypothetical new one in front of Beth Marie's this Thursday because this is a family event.

Friday August 23
The Aristocrats | Dan's Silverleaf | 9PM | $18
A supergroup of guys who've played with Vai, Satriani, Zappa, etc. 

Saturday August 24
Back To School Barbell Bash | CrossFit NTX | 9AM | Register Online
Think you're ripped? See how cross fit you really are at this event benefiting the Denton I.S.D.

Sunday August 25
Last Sunday's Open Shop | Tex's Tubs Drum Co. | 11AM 
Need some tool to finish a project? Check out the tools at Tex's this Sunday. 

Monday August 26
Meat Wave / The Ridgelands / Curvette | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $5