Video by Addison Day  

It's hot, y'all. We kinda cheated with cooler temps and overcast days in July, and now it seems that August is going to be our payback. The summer days are fleeting - and school is getting frighteningly close - so beat the heat and do something fun this weekend. We know you had grand plans of laying by the pool, reading a stack of books and eating your weight in snow cones. So this weekend, do it before time runs out. We'll even help you out! For those of us who are pool-less, ourselves, our super fun friend Addison Day shows us how to break into the newest, most exclusive pool party around. 


Addison Day is a video contributor to WDDI and a talented filmmaker living in Denton. Almost all of his work features beer, and he generally won't show up anywhere unless there's a keg. You could ask him about the rare, unreleased Armadillo Ale Works brewing footage he's always threatening to post, but after a few beers he'll probably tell you about it regardless.