Video by Eric Edward Fishboy

We're more ready for the weekend on this drizzly Friday morning. Maybe its because we started our weekend a little early at the Paul Slavens Anniversary Show at Dan's last night. While we don't regret that, we certainly are in need of some coffee and softer tunes this morning. 

Luckily our friend Eric Edwards AKA Fishboy just sent us this video of Zedidiah Word covering that ages old Damien Jurado tune, Denton, TX, to help liven our morning. The video is simple, but wonderful. It kind of reminds us of that moment when the kid filmed the video of the grocery bag whipping in the wind in American Beauty, but less annoying in retrospect.  

Anyway, we're glad to have this to ease into our weekend.  

What are you up to this weekend? Keep us posted by tagging your tweets and 'grams with #WDDI and your pics may show up on a post next Monday.