This summer ended up pretty successful. The cooler weather and the trips to the beach were great, and gave us plenty of memories to store away in our Facebook photo albums. In the same way we wish it could last a little longer, we're also ready for a change. We're even ready for all those kids to get back and fill up our streets and venues and occasionally go the wrong way on one of our four one way streets. If you're thirsty for things to do in Denton then get ready to drink from the fire-hose because it's looking like it's going to be an insanely busy fall.

Wednesday August 14
Floral Wine Class | Wine Squared | 7PM | $15 RSVP
Want to talk about wine and sound like you know what you're talking about? Just say things like "floral bouquet" and attend this aptly named Floral Wine Class.

Thursday August 15
KXT 91.7 Presents Paul Slaven's 9 Year Anniversary Party | Dan's Silverleaf | 9PM | $10
Mr. Slavens is a force of nature. Whether it's making up and performing songs on the spot with a full band or marching in the 4th of July Parade with a euphonium, this man attacks life in full-time beast mode. Oh yeah, he's also got little radio show on KXT that has aired every Sunday for nine years. He's a truly a remarkable citizen and well deserving of all the accolades and alcohol he'll be receiving this Thursday at Dan's.

Unicorn Lake Summer Concert Series | Beth Marie's @ Unicorn Lake | 7PM | FREE
The "other" Denton has got some great stuff going on lately. There's quite a few things happening out there that are well worth the trek all the way to the other side of town for and we hope they keep going on. When Denton expands even further south down 35E, I'm really hoping they name it Leprechaun Canyon.

Friday August 16
RTB2 / Bashe / Biscuit Head / Losing | Macaroni Island | 8PM | FREE
No jerks!

North Texas State Fair and Rodeo | The Fairgrounds | All Day | $15/ Adult, $5/Child
Oh yeah, and this is back again. 

Saturday August 17
Rotting Out / Take Offense / Minus / Relentless / Dead In The Dirt | Rubbergloves | 6PM | $10
They sure aren't making punk like they used to. Be afraid of this show. But in a good way.

Two Tons Of Steel CD Release | Dan's Silverlead | 8PM | $10
One of the most intimidating bands to roll through Denton. Truly Texan.

Sunday August 18
Hares Never Ending Happy Hour w/ Nathan Brown | Dan's Silverleaf | 5PM | FREE
Hares are playing Dan's again.

Figure Drawing Practice Session | Macaroni Island | 6PM | FREE
So weird. We love it! No jerks!

Tuesday August 20
Vulgar Fashion / Daniel Francis Doyle / Hex Cult | J&J's | 9PM | FREE
Here's a gem of a lineup at J&J's early next week.

The Riverboat Gamblers / Blacklist Royals / John Tole / Stymie | Rubbergloves | 8PM | $10
This is about as standard a show as you can get at Gloves. It'll be packed, sweaty and possibly bloody.