Words by Dave Koen photos courtesy of Gentleman Jackson 

While the future of 35 Denton is in question, there are some of us who are still recovering from the last one. None more so than Jackson Kyle McPeek, also known as the amateur wrestler Gentleman Jackson. At this year’s festival, local wrestling promoters, XWC Wrestling, set up a ring next to the main stage and allowed festival goers to watch all of the wrestling they could handle. During Friday night’s festivities, Gentlemans Jackson and Jameson were set to face off against Lumberjack Bobby Lambert and a returning Scott McKenzie. Jackson started off his day with, “a strong cup of coffee, plenty of bacon and vigorous calisthenics” to prepare for his fight that night. But no amount of bacon or calisthenics could have prepared him for what was about to happen.

Photo taken by Pete Freedman of  Central Track  during 35 Denton

Photo taken by Pete Freedman of Central Track during 35 Denton

During the fight, Jackson was thrown to the mat and landed squarely on his neck. Despite numbness in his hands and feet, he was able to finish but would have to cancel two other fights scheduled for that weekend. Days later, still in severe pain, Jackson decided to seek medical attention. It was then that he learned that he had dislocated a vertebrae and tore a ligament but his doctors said it was easier to call it a broken neck. He would need emergency surgery to prevent any further damage that could leave him paralyzed.   


As you can imagine, a broken neck isn’t easy to recover from and it sure isn’t cheap (especially when you consider that amateur wrestling doesn’t provide insurance coverage). That’s why, on Friday, July 12th, there will be a benefit show at Rubber Gloves featuring music by Fly Gallery, Sweedish Teens, Bad Machine, the Spectacle, and Brent Best. It will cost $10 to get in but all proceeds are going to help pay for the Gentleman’s hefty medical bills. If you would like to help out but are unable to attend the event, consider contributing on

We were able to pin Gentleman Jackson down and got him to answer some questions for us but it wasn’t easy. It took like, three guys. Seriously.

Wrestling is all about personas. So, who is Gentleman Jackson?

Gentleman Jackson is first and foremost a gentleman, as well as a bare knuckle boxer who decided to try his hand at wrestling since the Marquess of Queensbury had to ruin the manly practice by requiring gloves.

You have a killer mustache. What do you use to keep it looking good?

I keep my mustache in top form through regular washing and conditioning, daily combing, and the application of Firehouse Mustache Wax.

Those who know you, know you as a bit of a root beer aficionado. What would you say is the best root beer at Atomic Candy?

I would rank Judge Wapner's brew at the top with Sprecher's at a close second.

Excluding yourself, who is your favorite wrestler of all time?

There is a British wrestler by the name of Les Kellett who's matches I love to watch and are entertaining no matter the numbers of times I view them.

At this years 35 Denton, you had your neck broken during a match. How's your recovery coming along?

Fortunately my recovery is going quite well; I have been able return to work at all my various jobs, and don't have much pain aside from some stiffness in the morning.

Do you think you’ll ever get back into the ring?

As far as returning to the squared circle; I can't answer that. I honestly have no idea if I will ever wrestle again. I can tell you that I miss it and its an amazing business to be part of.