Dave Bazaan is playing Dan's Silverleaf this Thursday. Just wanted to make sure to get that out of the way and mention that you need to read ahead on who else is in his new band Overseas, because I would really feel awful if that one got by anyone. It's probably going to be a pretty big deal and one of those shows that people talk about for years. Maybe like when Middle East played Dan's to 40 people at NX35. Summer's almost over, and it's time to get some good shows under your belt so you've got at least something to show for it. This week there's plenty of opportunity to get it all in and then some. We've got 100 degree temps in the forecast, also so it really is an excellent time to make some unforgettable summer memories.

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Wednesday July 31
Steak & White Wine | Wine Squared | 7PM | $30 RSVP
The thing I like more than the fact that Wine Square has such interesting and tasty events is how curious I am about the to-the-point naming of their events. What is this about? Steak & White Wine, nothing clever or catchy, you're either in or carry on. I applaud the economy. Carry on.

Frank Smith / Seth Sherman / The Satans of Soft Rock | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $5
Frank and Seth are visiting from ATX and The Satans, one of the tightest outfits around, of course are from Butthole, America.

Thursday August 1
Overseas / Monahans | Dan's Silverleaf | 10PM | $18
Did you know this is Dave Bazan's new band? Did you know that it features Will Johnson, Bubba and Matt Kadane? If you know that then you've probably realized it would be a really good idea to get your tickets in advance. An equally impressive group of musicians, Monahans opens up the night. Don't be the person that ten years from now lies about being at this one.

Friday August 2
Death & God | Black Box Theater | 7:30 | $15
When are you going to get another chance to see Woody Allen's two act play Death & God in an re-purposed abandoned section of a small town newspaper? The irony would only be enhanced if Black Box was the location of the old obituary office.

Spiderweb Salon + SCRAP Denton | SCRAP | 7PM
So on the first Friday of every month, the square holds an "art walk" that is aptly named First Friday. You know it as "That Friday when it seems like there's more folks milling about and music coming out of every doorway on the square". Spiderweb Salon takes over the SCRAP space to feature music, prose and comedy. There's always a handful of my favorite people in this town on these lineups. So make sure not to miss out. The DIME store has food and fun stuff, too, if you're looking for something off of the square. 

Saturday August 3
Fishboy EP Release Show / Two Knights / Savage & The Big Beat | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $5
Denton's beloved Fishboy is celebrating the birth of an EP. Did you catch his IMAVOLCANO video? Cause we're still cracking up at that one. This is a really solid bill from start to finish and absolutely worth your hard earned five clams.

Ryan Pickop & Hanna Read of Lomelda | 2014 Northwood Terrace
Here's an idea, host a potluck, BYOB, concert at your house. More of this please. What time do we show up?

Kona Beer Dinner | The Chestnut Tree | 6:30PM | $45
This is a real treat. Lomi Lomi Salmon, Poke, Poi, fresh fruit and a Kalua pig! A Kona rep will be there talking about the beers he brought and you'll get a souvenir glass. Plus 10% of sales goes to feed the hungry on Christmas Day. RSVP fast before the last spots are filled. 

Beatles Vs. Stones | Dan's Silverleaf | 9PM | $8
In 20 years will it be Radiohead Vs. Coldplay? Because kill me now please.

Sunday August 4
KEEP IT LOCAL - A Community Fundraiser | Dan's Silverleaf | 4PM
More creatives mixing and mingling and drinking. One could really fill their schedule these days in Denton.