What a magnificent time it is to be an American citizen. As we stare down the 237th observation of our nation's Declaration of Independence, it's important to remember those inalienable rights written down by Jefferson and Adams. That these truths are self evident, that's how it is. Not how we wish it was, but how we have no choice for it to be. Celebrate this however you can: sparklers in the streets, a house show, eating for 'Merica, staying on your couch and watching Wall-E, do it however you see fit. Get to the highest point you can get and watch the burning-magnesium light up the air and fall back to the earth as Souza is blaring from the general direction of Apogee Stadium. It's mesmerizing watching Denton grow, born from of the spark of freedom and democracy. Celebrate that.


Thursday July 4

The Denton Institute Of Phrenology Half-Fast Marching Band | Wells Fargo Lot | 8AM

Bring an instrument and get dressed up for this one. Easily one of the most entertaining ways to spend an early July 4th morning is by being in the marching band in the parade on the square. In keeping with tradition, the marching band will continue marching after the parade route ends straight into Dan's which will be graciously serving bloody mary's. Start your holiday off on the right foot.

Remain In The Light | Dan's | 9PM | $10
Becker, Cripps and Contreras among others take the stage to perform Talking Heads Remain In Light

¡FIESTA! with Weedeater / ASG/ Terminator 2 | Rubbergloves | 9PM | FREE

Kiwanis Fireworks Show | Apogee Stadium | 6:30PM | FREE
Get as close or far as you need. Get up on a rooftop with a cooler and some friends. This is summertime in full effect.

Friday July 5


Sparkles + Rita's: July First Friday with DIME | DIME Store | 6PM | FREE
Get some local handmade goods and get lit on sparklers and 'ritas.

Spiderweb Salon First Friday Gallery Opening | Jupiter House | 7PM | FREE

Star Party / Black James Franco / Ghost Daddies | Rubbergloves | $10

Saturday July 6

Splash Day At The Market | Denton Community Market | 9AM | FREE
Watching kids come down the water slide comes second to watching kids take out all the other kids when they flub on the top step to get to the water slide. Serious people watching happens weekly at the Community Market and the presence of a water slide really ups the ante. Human Child Bowling is a real thing, y'all.

Possessed By Paul Jame / Delaney Davidson | Dan's | 9PM | $10
You've got to see this one to believe it. Possessed by Paul James drifts between "I'm ready to fight you to the death" to "I'm ready to die for your love" as effortlessly as the Clancy Brothers.


Tuesday July 9

The Reptilian / Innards / Atla / Acidic Tree / Cat People | Macaroni Island | FREE
No Jerks.