Last night, Denton saw it's first Spelling Bee for adults-only at Dan's Silverleaf. Born from the mind of Scott Porter, the inaugural Buzz Bee was the sort of quirky, no expectations idea that makes our town tick. It was thrown together last second with the sort of wheels off, can-do attitude that we've come to expect from our community. While the endgame needed work, there was no short of all the thrills and agony associated with a unprofessionally run Spelling Bee. Remembering the hilarity that ensued on stage - we charge ahead into another week of Denton-centric local fun. We're never really sure what to expect - but we know that its bound to be memorable at the very least. 


Wednesday July 24
Parade of Flesh Presents: Ken Mode / Inter Rama / Dead To A Dying World | Gloves | $8

Friday July 26
Denton Creative Mixer | The DIME Store | 6PM | FREE
Time to mingle and network this Friday at The DIME Store down off Locust St. This is a great way to connect to your creative community.

Pageantry / Major Major Major / Sacco and Vanzetti | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $3

Ladies of Spiderweb Salon Showcase + Bake Sale + Fundraiser | J&J's | 8PM | $3
Lots of music, spoken word, prose and baked goods down in the basement to help raise funds for the Denton Animal Shelter Foundation.

Dallas Distortion Music Presents: Problem Dog / Love Cop / Midnite Society / Jakkkchan | Macaroni Island | 8PM | FREE
No jerks. They really mean it this time.

The Tissue Issue: A Musical Satire | Banter | 10PM | TIPS
I wonder what they're satirizing? Music itself? Tissues? Issues? So many questions. Still, I support the idea of more Waiting For Guffman / Spinal Tap-like efforts.

Seryn / Chambers | Dan's | 9PM | $18

Saturday July 27
Home By Hovercraft / Fox & Bird / The Calmative | Dan's Silverleaf | 9PM | $7

Sunday July 28
Last Sunday's Open Shop | Tex's Tubs Drum Co. | 11AM
Need a place and tools to fix that busted guitar, drum or other thing that's busted? Go hang out with some of the coolest cats in this town and get it done while your at it.

Hares On The Mountain | Dan's | 5PM | FREE
You know what's better than free? Hares.