THE DEN10: JULY 17th

Last Sunday the Denton Holiday Lighting Festival Board and a crowd of supporters headed to Dan's to celebrate Christmas In July. The event was to kick off their fundraiser for the 25th Anniversary CD. It was a successful night, with some of our town's finest musicians getting on stage to support this non-profit entity that brings us one of the greatest events this town has to offer. Even the weather cooperated as it was rainy and in the 70's; a typical Christmas Day in Denton. "Well I guess summer's over!" was the joke of the night but the reality is the school year is right around the corner. I'll spare you the date, but time is running out to spend your days at the beach, make those Community Market trips and take the day to ride the A-train to the free DMA. Looking for something to do still? This week we've got Denton's first drunken Spelling Bee, beer tastings and more. Also, be on the look out for a major announcement this week. We're excited and you should be too.

Band of Heathens at Dan's 

Band of Heathens at Dan's 

Wednesday July 17
Band Of Heathans | Dan's | 9PM | $15

Sangria Class | Wine Squared | 7PM | RSVP
It's sort of the perfect time of year for Sangria and an even better time for learning how to make it. Wine Squared continues to educate us on different ways to imbibe. This week's recipes include Cucumber Sparkling Sangria, Golden Sangria and Sunset Sangria with lime and plum.

Thursday July 18
Deep Storage Opening Reception | UNT Art Gallery | 5PM | FREE
The College of Visual Arts and Design pulls pieces from their vault for display in the UNT Art Gallery. Sip on some light refreshments while you enjoy the artwork of John Thomas Biggers, Patrick Caulfield, Ronald King, Carlos Mérida, Henry Moore and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Friday July 19
H.O.T. Presents: Blood Transfusion / Bran (...) POS / Filth / Prisons / Apocrypha | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $1
House of Tinnitus continues their basement bargain one dollar show at the gloves this Friday. Bring ear plugs and remember to smoke out front.

Saturday July 20
Midway Mart Beer Tasting: Deschutes | Midway Mart | 6-9 | FREE
Beer tasting is FUN! Beer drinking, also fun.

Sunday July 21
PamFood Sunday Brunch | Paschall Bar | 12:30 | $11
Start your Sunday off right with some Ceviche, Chilaquiles (tortillas simmered in a smoky tomato sauce with eggs and chorizo) , Borracho Beans and Horchata bread pudding for desert. Top it off with Paschall's Older Fashioned cocktail for the win. Yes, there will be a vegetarian option. 

Sonny Vincent (Testors) / Birthday Suits / High Tension Wires | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $8
It's not every-sunday a 70's punk rock legend comes to gloves.

Monday July 22
SCRAP Fundraiser | Oak St. Draft House | 5PM
Oak Street (our favorite street) Draft House is donating 10% of it's sales to SCRAP this Monday. Go grab a few cold ones and know it's going to a good cause.

Tuesday July 23
BUZZ BEE - Dentin's Ownly Uhdult Spelleen Bee(r)! | Dan's | 8PM | FREE
There will be lots of spelling in-between lots of drinking.

Eureka The Butcher (Marcel Rodriguez Lopez of The Mars Volta) / Lace Tunes / DJ Boozwa / Space State / Loose Temper | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $5