Story and video by Addison Day  

Denton has its fair share of beer-related events. In fact, we'd venture a guess that our ratio of citizens to beer parties rivals that of heavy drinking towns such as Austin or Dallas. Few small communities in Texas have the healthy culture of bars, brewers and beer fans than the ones that reside in the shadow of the Morrison's sign. While we've been used to seeing the occasional craft beer tastings at music festivals, World Market or even Kroger, we were surprised when we discovered that our beloved Midway Mart offers weekly booze tastings hosted by the local reps from craft brewers across the nation. 

In the video above, Brent Hodgson of Oskar Blues Brewery let's us sample three of their seasonal releases, and gives us interesting beer-related tips along the way. The brewery has an "all cans" distribution model which apparently preserves the beer longer while simultaneously saving costs. 

You can join the "i heart MIDWAY MART" Facebook group for updates on free weekly tastings and new releases, or just stop by and talk to the knowledgeable dudes working the counter. 

Addison Day is a video contributor to WDDI and a talented filmmaker living in Denton. Almost all of his work features beer, and he generally won't show up anywhere unless there's a keg. You could ask him about the rare, unreleased Armadillo Ale Works brewing footage he's always threatening to post, but after a few beers he'll probably tell you about it regardless.