Now that it's officially Summer and we've all seen the Super Moon (is it really?) what else is there? Well, July 4th is just over a week away. That's something. Can you believe it's still light at 8:45PM?  It's these little details that keep you hanging on to that slightly heavier than normal evening air and sticking around for one more drink on a weeknight and that's a good thing because thats what makes it summer break. As usual, there's plenty of reasons to get out and off your couch and away from your Hulu and Netflix queue and get into the discourse about Wendy Davis' filibusterer or how great it is that Texas ranks 49th in per-pupil education funding.


Wednesday June 26
Denton Spoken Word Collective June Edition | Rubbergloves | 10PM
Open mic spoken word. Nothing wrong with that.

Thursday June 27
Strange Towers / Opportunist / The Vuvs | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $1
Strange Towers is literally The Undoing of David Wright meets Record Hop. Five years ago this meeting of a group of the most creative and heavy minds of our town seemed like a fantastically impossible dream but here they are in the flesh and they aren't apologizing for it.

Movie In The Park: The Lorax | Quakertown Park | 8PM | FREE
What better way to spend these wonderful summer evenings than in the park watching kids dance and eat marshmallows and do crafts before a screening of the Dr. Seuss classic. This is the final Movie in the Park of the season, so make sure you mosey on down to Quakertown Park this Thursday after dancing it up at Twilight Tunes. 

Friday June 28
A Night of Incest Presents: Curvette / Problem Dogg / Bitch Teeth / 5000 Bullets | Andy's Bar | 9:00PM | $6
Any time more than two Denton bands play on the same stage it's a night of incest, right? This is a solid and diverse lineup worth the trip downstairs for.

Four Corners Brewing Co. Release of El Chingon IPA | Oak St. Draft House | 7:00PM
Local beer releases are almost as common as record releases now. I have no problem with this statistic.

Saturday June 29
Spiderweb's Salon's One Year Anniversay Show + Awesome Pool Party | 1200 Ridgecrest | 4:30PM | $5 donation
It's hard to believe it's been a year for these folks. Spiderweb Salon has continued to bring you all the local arts you can shake a stick at and more - and they're celebrating with a pool party so bring a swimsuit and a towel and grab a piece of cake by Kacy Ewing.

Native America / Senor Fin / BJF / The Days / Sacco & Vanzetti | 1112 Bernard | 7:00PM | FREE

The Denton Community Market | Denton Historic Park @ Carrol & Mulberry | 9AM
Dear Coffeewright Roaster, I am very tired. All the time. I could really use all the locally roasted beans you've got so that I may brew them into delicious, caffeinated drinks that keep me awake and satisfied so that I may continue to love and work for the betterment of my community. Thank you.

Illustration by Matthew Sallack for Spiderweb Salon

Illustration by Matthew Sallack for Spiderweb Salon

Sunday June 30
Last Sunday's Open Shop | Tex's Tubs Drum Co | 11AM - 2PM
Bring your drums to work on at Tex's Tub's Drum Co. at 505 Ft. Worth Dr. #101 or just go hang out with the always perfectly animated Tex himself. Ask him about his DCI days, crack a beer and talk shop. This is a great step in the Maker Space direction. The idea of a shop opening up their doors to share knowledge and tools to other local artists. The more of this we have, the better our little creative class community is going to be. If you're looking to find a way to pitch in and get involved in this town, Tex is a great person to take notes from. He's also got great hair - so there's that too.

Hares On The Mountain w/ Dim Locator | Dan's | 5PM | FREE
A better Sunday evening couldn't be planned than this. Will Kapinos laying it down as Dim Locator followed by the Hares all for the price of nothing. Welcome to Denton, you are welcome.