That extra long Spring was too good to last. The hot breeze has finally returned and is here to stay until Christmas. At least this week there are three extremely solid CD Releases in the usual mix of things to occupy your leisure time.

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Wednesday June 12
Daniel Markham (CD Release) / RTB2 / Grant Cross | Dan's | 9PM | $5
Daniel Markham Ruined My Life get's it's proper release tonight at Dan's. It's a strong effort drenched in fuzzy hooks and backed by the most able musicians this town has to offer (Becker, Sandlin, Ferrarro).

Thursday June 13
Chris Watson / The Mighty Orq (solo) | Dan's | 9PM | $7
Summertime blues anyone? Here's a great pair of guitar-slinger / Texas Blues players continuing the tradition of Hopkins, Vaugn and Gibbons. Yeah, the guitar-slinger thing's been done before (overdone) but there's a craft to the Texas Tradition that spans the invention of the guitar. Robert Johnson recorded half his catalog in Dallas. Lightning Hopkins roamed the piney woods decades after Blind Willie Johnson (blind from getting lye thrown in his eyes by his mother) died from pneumonia in his soaking wet bed weeks after his house burnt down waiting for his wife to return. This is a lineage you can be proud of when you're out-of-state.

Friday June 14
Armadillo Ale Works Pint Night  | The Labb | 7PM | FREE
Things people love: pint nights / Armadillo Ale Works. This is a good pre-game combo for Dan's Pageantry CD Release.

Pageantry (CD Release) / Chambers / Good Field / Senor Fin | Dan's | 9PM | $5
A solid collection of the area's locals gather in support of Pageantry's CD release

Saturday June 15
Faun Fables / Warren Jackson Hearn & Le Leek Electrique | Dan's | 9PM | $15
Frykdahl, known for his work with Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum brings you this new project, Faun Fables. British, Scandinavian and Appalachian influences complete with puppets and a side of Renaissance Fair and remenescent of Polish "dark angel" Ewa Demarczyk. Is neo-folk puppet performance jam a genre?

Juneteenth Parade | The Denton Civic Center | 9AM | FREE
The 43rd Annual Juneteenth celebrations will be held at Fred Moore Park. There will be food, vendors, music and in dutiful Denton tradition, a parade. 

Cat People (CD Release) / New Science Projects / Kilgore Trout / Elesh Norn | Macaroni Island | 8PM | FREE + Donations for the touring band
The shock of reading Slaughterhouse-5 as an eighth grader is something you really never shake. Vonnegut was always such a confirming writer in the mind of the young and awkward. At any rate, Cat People release their CD (allegedly) recorded at Macaroni Island by Michael Briggs (Gutterth / Violitionist). Remember kids, the universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest and no jerks please.


Sunday June 16
Wooden Indian Burial Ground / Dome Dwellers / The Vuvs | Gloves | 9PM | $3

Hares On The Mountain | Dan's | 5PM | FREE
Hares return to their Dan's residency this week and like always, it's free and will get weird.

Tuesday June 18
A Taste Of Herb: A Tribute to Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Band | Dan's | 5PM | FREE
Here's a serious batch of musicians paying tribute to a serious musician.