The way lines of storms magically split and go around Denton would make you think there's some sort of deflector shield generator in the basement of the courthouse. There was the time Denton flash flooded and the water rescue teams were out saving folks left and right but other than that and the occasional freak blizzard, we have pretty moderate weather and nothing like the super tornadoes that hit Oklahoma this week. We live very charmed lives in our bubble surrounded by increasingly good food and drink and always abundant talent. It's going to be a beautiful weekend to remember those who died while serving our country. Get out there, hang on to those you love, kiss 'em on the head and take it all in because people absolutely gave their lives so you could have the life that your living right now. Don't waste it.

Wednesday May 22 
The Cosmonauts / Tiger High / The Garden / Further Instructions | Gloves | 9PM | $5
Another quality show brought to you by the always endearing Gloves. The Cosmonauts have a slew of 7" singles you really need to check out. Totally worth five bones.

Thursday May 23 
Robert Gomez / Jeremy Buller | Dan's | 9PM | $7
Two of our sonic behemoths pair up Thursday at Dan's. The talent and influence of these pair run deep.


Bashe Live Music Video Shoot | Macaroni Island | 8PM                                       Promising locals Bashe (we highlighted them in our 3 Songs post this week) are shooting a video and they want you to be in it. 

Friday May 24
The Angelus / Lord Buffalo / Pageantry | Gloves | 9PM | $5
Walk (stumble?) over to Rubber Gloves after the Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale runs out at Oak St. and catch this dense lineup of local favorites supporting Lord Buffalo from Austin.

Armadillo Ale Works Launch Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale | Oak Street Draft House | 5PM
If you were at our Election Party you got the pleasure of tasting a test batch of the Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale before anyone else. Judging from the way folks were knocking 'em down, I'd wager it's a pretty tasty brew. I'd recommend being there at 5PM for this one. There will be lines and some great people watching as it turns out all sorts of folks love beer. It's always great to see council-members and city employees imbibing with our community. 

Spiderweb Salon Presents: "The Collaboration Issue" Release Show | 1200 Ridgecrest Circle | 6PM
Lots of music, lots of readings, lots of collaboration. Spiderweb launches it's "post-The Porch" zine with a full color first issue of poetry, prose, comics and essays by local artsy types. If you haven't been to one of these you need to and if you think you're of the artsy category, get involved.

Danny Rush & The DD's / Lo-Fi Chorus / Ryan Thomas Becker | Dan's | 9PM |
The hard hitting, ever-prolific Danny Rush & The DD's hit the stage with enough swagger to kill a hipster. A really great evening of "songwriter's" songwriters starting with the equally prolific Ryan Becker supporting the return of Lo-Fi Chorus.


Saturday May 25 
Eleven Hundred Springs | Dan's | 10PM | $12ADV / $15DOS
So you think your band is good? You don't know what good is if you haven't seen Eleven Hundred Springs douse a room in gasoline and light a match just to destroy the figurative evidence. Well worth your time and well worth learning how to two step to.

Captured By Robots | Gloves | 9PM | $5
JBOT still hasn't escaped the clutches of the robots that force him to play shows at Gloves once or twice a year.



Monday May 27
Boxcar Bandits | Hailey's | 10PM | FREE
Not a bad Monday could be spent at Hailey's watching the Boxcar Bandits put their spin on the classics at Hailey's. Not bad at all.