I get it. You just spent all your rent money to go see Sigur Rós Tuesday night with the rest of Denton - and the curtain projections were amazing, and the band was "killing it," and you were in the pit, and you cried a little during that one song that reminded you of that one time that everything was right with the world and, then laughed a little when the girl wouldn't stop screaming "I LOVE YOU JONSI," and then cried a little again because the strobes were brighter than the sun, and it was the greatest thing you've ever seen or will ever see in all the world EVER. I get that. So let me welcome you back to the very non-Icelandic world of Denton where you can continue to see bands "kill it" all week (as in please kill me now if I ever hear that phrase again). In fact, lets make a pact right now: bands shall not be referred to as "killing it" ever again because trust me they aren't. When the poop hits the fan and the killing actually begins, my bet is that whatever musicians you thought were "killing it" will actually be the first ones to go. I mean of course unless they are like really, really, REALLY killing it, like Sigur Rós killed it on Tuesday.

Wednesday April 10
Cool Womb / The Funs / The Days | Gloves | 9pm | $5
What a cool, fun, day today will be if you end up at this midweek offering at the Gloves. You've probably noticed Rubberglove's calendar is really getting some attention thanks to the placement of Scott Porter as "the day bar guy" / talent buyer.

Thursday April 11
Austin Kleon: Steal Like An Artist | UNT On The Square | 4pm | Free
Check out our interview with Austin Kleon and go check out the Gallery Talk and Reception this Thursday. His book has been on our nightstands lately and has inspired some of our own blackout-poems that may or may not be posted tomorrow on our Instagram.

Biographies / Siberian Traps / Savage & The Big Beat / Dog With A Black Tongue / Old Potion | Gloves | $5

Friday April 12
Def Rain / Peoplodian / Cutter | Gloves | 9pm | $5

The Hope Trust / The Holler Time / Pinebox Serenade / Dim Locator | Dan's Silverleaf | 8pm | $10
All Americana, all the time. The local heavy hitters of the genre come together at Dan's this Friday. There's a range within this form starting with Dim Locator's delta drenched styling and ending with The Hope Trusts attempt to pick up where Britt Daniel left off.

Warren Jackson Hearne & Le Leek Electrique / Nervous Curtains / Deep Throat | Hailey's | $5

Saturday April 13
District 3 Meet & Greet with Jim Engelbrecht | 1315 Dartmouth Place | FREE
Always wanted to hang out with a councilman in a backyard? Now's your chance. Ask him about how he saved our bike lanes.

Eyes Wings & Many Other Things / Wirewings / Frauen | Gloves | 9pm | $5

Sunday April 14
Sunday Funday Comedy Show | Hailey's | 9pm | FREE
Go for the comedy, stay for the free pizza.

Tuesday April 16
Burnt Sienna Trio / Pile / Fat History Month | J&J's | 9:30pm | Free
Not a horrible Tuesday night at J&J's. Pile and Fat History Month are coming to us from Boston and Burnt Sienna Trio may be one of our town's best kept secrets.