It finally feels safe to say that winter is finished at this point. Baseball is on television and the Community Market opens on Saturday. Everything is in it's right place once again in our little bubble of the cosmos. Still grumbling about Denton being boring? It's not boring, you are.


Friday April 5
The Dime Store Grand Opening | The Dime Store | 6PM | FREE
If you can't tell yet, we love these guys. Love them so hard we're definitely going to be crashing this party.

First Friday | The Square | FREE

The King And I Opening | Denton Campus Theatre | 7:30PM | $20

High Tension Wires / Legendary Wings / Flesh Lights / Pink Smoke | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $5

Walker Smart / Skagg Phillips / Forever & Everest | J&J's | 8:30PM

Saturday April 6
Community Market Opening Day 2013 | Denton County Historical Park | 9am
This is a pretty special thing we've got here and if you followed us last summer you know that this was the venue for the rise of The Denton Bahn Mi via The Pickled Carrot tent. Chances are you will find us holding down a bench munching, gramming and tweeting at Kevin Roden about what we find every Saturday here for the next 8 months. Kevin, please make sure that park bench isn't sticky on Saturday.

Sunday April 7
Gun Outfit / Deep Throat / Pocket Change | Rubbergloves | 9PM | $6

Shrines / Pageantry / Def Rain / Bashe | Hailey's | 9PM | $5
Did Sundress really change their name again? Yes they did. Joke's on y'all. Regardless of whatever ambiguous name they decide is a good idea next, I'd like to declare them once and for all "Ex This Old House" so at least we can all be on the same page.

Tuesday April 9
Cloud Gavin / Ellesh Norn / Record Setter / Losing / Coat Rack | Macaroni Island | 8PM FREE

Lucky Lou's 2nd Pint Night T Shirt Giveaway | Lucky Lou's | 9PM
Buy a Texas beer for $3 and get a one of a kind limited edition Lucky Lous shirt from Pan Ector. Not a bad deal for a shirt and a beer.