There's something about a late chill that makes me want to bundle up and get out there to check out what our tiny hamlet in North Texas has to offer. This week we've got a handful of picks to satisfy  that urge.


Monday March 25
The Art History Society Gallery Talks w/ Tiffany Floyd & Cheryl Palyu | Art Room 100 | 1PM

Tuesday March 26
Sacco & Vanzetti /The Saturday Giant (Columbus, OH / Dome Dwellers / Blessin' | J&J's Pizza | 9PM | FREE
Art-indie-jazz-rock darlings Sacco & Vanzetti will once again prove that their band practices more than yours this Tuesday. Might as well get that extra order of bread-sticks with ranch.

Caravan Of Thieves | Dan's Silverleaf | 8pm | $7

Paul Slavens & Friends | Dan's Silverleaf | 10pm | FREE
It's good to see Denton's elder statesman of improv-songwriting back at Dan's. If you haven't seen it, are you really a dentonite? When it's working it can whip the room into a frenzy and when not, it can make you consider why you even get out of bed in the mornings. Always surrounding himself with the towns top musicians, Slavens offering, for better or worse is always a spectacle.

Wednesday March 27
Dentonradio.com Night | Dan's Silverleaf | 8pm | FREE
Featuring Mockingbyrd Station, Levi Cobb and the Big Smoke and Eilee Morris.

The Denton Spoken Word Collective | Rubbergloves | 9pm | FREE
Oh my dear spoken word. How curiously redundant and ambiguous art thou. She was a thief, you gotta belief. She stole my heart and my cat. Might be worth checking out if not only for the probably entertaining side commentary from newly enthroned, full-time talent buyer / bartender, Scott Porter.