Not had enough? Ready for more? Good, 'cause this is Denton and naturally there's going to be some quality shows to attend for those of you who aren't diluted into thinking that playing Maggie Maes is going to get your "buzzworthy local act" signed this week.


Monday, March 11

Daniel Markham / Glossary / Water Liars | Dan's Silverleaf | 8PM | $7

Dead Leaf Echo / Joy Sores / Summer of Glaciers / Penny | Macaroni Island | 8PM | FREE
Another quality, free show from Macaroni Island. Remember kids, no jerks!

Tuesday, March 12
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion / Savage & The Big Beat / Cool Womb | Dan's Silverleaf | 9PM | $5
Cool Womb is one of our recent favorites after seeing them in the J&J's Basement several months ago. It will be interesting to see how their rough around the edges brand of whatever you want to call it translates at Dan's.